Helicopter Type Training Dates

Aircraft Maintenance


Please be aware that courses will be cancelled if we do not reach our class minimums two (2) weeks before the start date of the course. 


Please contact the DC Student Services for registration/admission information for the following courses:

Lycoming LTS-101 Series (Roto 117)
COST: $1,700
May 7 - 11 2018  

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Allison 250 C20
ROTO 120 – Engine

Bell 204/205
ROTO 119 – Airframe

Bell 206
ROTO 108E – Electrical Systems (delivered online)
ROTO 121 – Airframe

Honeywell (Lycoming) T53
ROTO 124 – Engine

Turbomeca Arriel 1
ROTO 123 – Engine