Student Records

Student Records provides students with access to their official academic records and instructions on how to view or update their personal information. Student Records also assists with the completion of documents that must be completed by the "Registrar".

Official Transcript

An official record of a student's academic achievement at NLC. NLC's official transcript includes all courses attempt, and the resultant grade, term and cumulative GPA, academic standing, transfer credit awarded, and any credential(s) awarded. An official transcript must be ordered.

Unofficial Transcript

An unofficial record of a student’s academic achievement at NLC that includes all the information found in an official transcript, and is available online, through Web Advisor.

Confirmation of Enrolment/Enrolment Verification

Students who need a confirmation of enrolment (COE) for an employer or RESP, can request student records provide a formal response.  Enrolment verifications can be submitted for completion to Student Records (