How to Register: 5 Steps

This Registration Guide is primarily for students taking semester-based courses and are required to register each semester.

If you are interested in continuing education or workforce training classes, please see the registration instructions here.

Students in non-semester-based programs will be registered automatically as part of their admission process.  If you have not applied to one of our cohort programs, apply now.

How to register in semester-based programs

  1. If you haven’t already been admitted to a program, apply now or contact
  2. Find when your registration time; it was sent to you in an email before registration began.  If you can't find it, email
  3. Choose your classes.  Review the online timetables, and your program plan.  Make sure you meet prerequisites.
  4. Log into WebAdvisorand register OR complete the Course Registration form and submit it to your local campus services office.
  5. Pay your deposit before the end of the next business day (NLC must receive it by then).

Don't forget to pay your tuition and fees on the first day of the semester!