How to Register: 5 Quick Steps

This Registration Guide is primarily for students in academic programs who are taking semester-based classes and register each semester.

  • Students in non-semester-based programs (e.g. Trades, Vocational) are registered automatically as part of the admission process.  If you want to take one of these cohort programs, apply now.
  • If you are interested in continuing education or workforce training classes, please see the registration instructions here.

Before you register

Check to make sure you don't have any restrictions on your account that will prevent registration.

  1. Log into Borealis and select "View Account Summary" under the Student Finance menu.
  2. If you have any restrictions, they will be listed under Notifications on this home page.

Restrictions on registration can be for things like overdue library books, outstanding tuition payments, academic monitoring requirements to meet with your program chair. You need to clear any restrictions on your account before you can register. Follow the instructions in the notification.

5 steps to register in semester-based courses

1. Make sure you've already applied and been admitted to your program. If you haven't done this yet, apply now or contact for support.

2. Find out when your assigned registration time is. This is the exact date and time that you can start registering for the upcoming semester. It's called your Time Ticket

  • ​Log into Borealis and select Student Planning and Registration.
  • Click the toggle arrow to the term you want to register in. If the term you want isn't listed, use the Plus (+) button to add it.
  • Your assigned registration time for the term will appear in a blue information notification box.  
  • You'll also receive an email from the Office of the Registrar when the timetable is published that will provide you with your assigned registration time. If you don't receive this email, please contact

3. Choose your classes and plan your timetable. 

  • Use your program plan and the online timetables to plan which sections you intend to register in.
  • Make sure you meet pre-requisites and co-requisites for the courses you want.
  • Be sure to note the full section number for each section you want to register in. For example, write down ENGL-100-DC221 instead of just ENGL-100
  • Plan for a few back up options in case the specific sections you want are full or have time conflicts with other sections you want.
  • Do your planning in advance so you are ready to register in your chosen sections right at your assigned registation time. Classes can fill up quickly! 

4. At your assigned registration time, log into Borealis and complete your registration. Alternatively, you can fill out an Add, Drop, and Withdrawal Form and submit it to Campus Services. 

5. Pay your registration deposit. 

  • All students are required to pay a $275.00 non-refundable registration deposit each semester.
  • Registration deposits are applied towards your tuition and fees.
  • You need to pay the remaining amount owing for your tuition and fees by the fee payment deadline, which is the first day of classes.
  • Failure to pay in full by the fee payment deadline will result in account holds, collection activities, and possible de-registration without notice.


View your Registration Statement

After you've completed your registration, you should review your Registration Statement, which lists your registrations and fee information for the semester.

You can access your Reg Statement by logging into Borealis and selecting Student Finance.  Click on the term you want to view, and then click on the "View Statement" hyperlink on the right hand side of the page to open a PDF of your Registration Statement.