Adding, Dropping, and Withdrawing

You can register for sections (courses) any time after your assigned registration time (Time Ticket) until the end of the add/drop period.


Adding, or registering for, a section means adding it to your list of enrolled courses. Once a section has been added to your registration, you become responsible for full payment and you are responsible for attending and completing the course. Not attending or not paying does not un-register you. To get un-registered, you must drop.


Dropping a section means removing the course from your list of registered courses. Dropping sections reverse charges, however, depending on when you drop, there may be a small penalty for dropping. See Deposits, Charges, and Penalties for more information.

Students are not permitted to drop classes after the end of the add/drop period. This is usually about 2 weeks after the first day of the semester. See Dates and Deadlines for specifc add/drop deadlines each semester. 

After the Add/Drop Deadline and until the Withdrawal Deadline, you may choose to withdraw from a class; withdrawals are recorded as a 'W' on your official transcript and are not eligible for refund. 


After the add/drop deadline, students that are registered remain responsible for attending and completing the section(s) in which they are registered.

Sometimes staying in a course until the end is not desired by a student. Students may withdraw from classes until the end of the withdrawal period (typically mid-way through the semester).  After this time, withdrawal is not permitted.

There is no refund when withdrawing, and the student’s academic record will show the course with a final grade of “W”.

How to Add, Drop, or Withdraw from sections
  1. Log into Borealis 
  2. Select "Register for Classes"  from the Academics menu in the grey vertical bar on the left-hand side.

Alternatively, you may complete the Add, Drop, and Withdrawal Form and submit to Campus Services.

Note that adding, dropping, and withdrawing cannot be completed after their respective deadlines have passed. Refer to Dates and Deadlines