Adding, Dropping and Withdrawing

Before you can attend your classes, you must be “registered”; NLC faculty are not permitted to allow students in their classes that are not registered. Registration involves you informing NLC officially which course-sections you want to be registered in. Registration is an official process because this is when you accept responsibility to pay and you accept responsibility for your outcome (grades).

All students are required to pay a deposit when they have registered. If you are unable to pay your deposit before you register, please contact a Financial Aid Officer. If you are registering for your first semester at NLC, you likely paid a deposit when you were admitted, so additional deposits are not required until your second or subsequent semester.

Service in person or online

The College allows students in semester-based courses to register online or by submitting a registration form to one of our Campus Services Office.


Online registration is done through Web Advisor. Log in, select Current Student, and choose Register for Sections. Follow the on-screen instructions.


Registration request forms may be completed and presented to any Campus Services office. In person, please bring college or government issue photo ID. Emailed, faxed, or mailed in Registration request forms must be signed, and accompanied by a copy of college or government issue photo ID and payment.

Adding and dropping

You can register for sections (courses) any time after your registration time until the end of the add/drop period.

Adding, or registering for, a course means adding it to your list of enrolled courses. Once a section has been added to your registration, you become responsible for full payment and you are responsible for attending and completing the course. Not attending or not paying does not un-register you. To get un-registered, you must drop.

Dropping a section means removing the course from your list of registered courses. Dropping sections reverse all charges, however, depending on when you drop, there may be a small penalty for dropping. See the Regulations for more information. Students may not drop after the add/drop period (typically after the second week of classes).


After the add/drop date, students that are registered remain responsible for attending and completing the section(s) in which they are registered. Sometimes staying in a course until the end is not desired by a student. Students may withdraw from classes until the end of the withdrawal period (typically mid-way through the semester). There is no refund when withdrawing, and the student’s academic record will show the course with a final grade of “W”.


Each section has a maximum number of students can may be registered. Once that maximum is reached, no additional students may be registered. However, students have the option to add themselves to a waitlist for the section. If a seat becomes available in the section, the vacant space will be offered to the first student on the waitlist.

Offers are emailed to students. Students have 48 hours to accept an offer. Offers can be accepted by logging into Web Advisor, or by contacting Campus Services.

If you add yourself to a waitlist, you are taking responsibly for checking your email at least once per day until the end of the add/drop period or you receive an offer. Make sure the email address the College has on file is correct! NLC is not responsible for missed or undelivered waitlist offers.

Students must meet prerequisites and restrictions to qualify to be on a waitlist.

Prerequisites, co-requisites, and restrictions

Pre- and co-requisites are listed in the Course Listing on the NLC web site, as well as in the Comprehensive Timetables. Requisites are intended to ensure students are prepared for the course(s) in which they are registering.

Students are required to meet prerequisites prior to registration, however if they are currently enrolled in the prerequisites course and a final grade has not been assigned they will be allowed to register. Note that once a final grade is assigned, the College will deregister any student that does not meet the course prerequisites.

Students are also required to satisfy co-requisites. Co-requisite courses are courses that must be taken concurrently with, or prior to, a course. Being on a waitlist does not satisfy co-requisite requirements.

Occasionally, students may feel they meet course requisites in a way not identified in the list of pre- or co-requisites. Students can request for permission to waive the requirements by contacting the department chair, and requesting that pre- and/or co-requisites be waived.

Waiver forms or requests must include:

  • Student ID number
  • Student name
  • Daytime contact number (if the request is emailed)
  • Semester
  • Course (and section if a specific section is required)
  • Rationale

Note that instructors are not permitted to waive requisites; contact your program chair. Also note that waivers are only good for the semester for which they were approved.