Deposits, Charges, and Penalties

All students must pay a deposit concurrently with registration.  For those registering online, by fax, or email, deposits must be received by the College by the end of the next business day following registration or students will be de-registered without notice.

NOTE:  All tuition and fees must be paid in full on the first day of the semester.  Registration after the first day of the semester requires full payment at the time of registration; deposits are not applicable.

When and how much deposit

New students will normally have paid a deposit to confirm their admission; if so, no additional deposit is required for the initial semester.  For any additional semester, all students must pay a registration deposit.  Deposits will be applied to any tuition charges and penalties.

For the 2017/18 academic year (for courses starting before Aug 1, 2018), the deposit is $250/term.

Students that are sponsored, financial aid recipients, or grant recipients should contact a Financial Aid Officer to explore alternatives if they cannot pay their deposit.

Penalties for Dropping (refunds)

Students are encouraged to finalize their registration as early in the registration period as possible. Dropping sections will result in a financial penalty; including switching from one course-section to another.

Beginning the 2017/18 academic year, refunds for de-registering (dropping or withdrawing) are as follows: 

  • 29 or more days prior to start of classes: 90% of tuition, plus all Student & Instruction-Related fees
  • 1-28 days prior to start of classes: 85% of tuition, plus all Student & Instruction-Related fees
  • During the add/drop period: 85% of tuition
  • After the add/drop period: No refund

Note that if there are extenuating circumstance (circumstances beyond the student's control), students may submit a Request for Variance.

If a refund results (you’ve paid more than the tuition and/or penalties), a refund will be issued after the add/drop period.

Understanding your account

More information coming soon.