Deposits, Charges, and Penalties

All students must pay a registration deposit each semester. This deposit must be paid at the time of registration. If you register online using Borealis, your deposit payment must be received by the College by the end of the business day following registration or you may be de-registered without notice.

You can make your payment online in Borealis using Touchnet:

Registration deposits are applied towards your tuition and fees for the semester. You must pay the remaining balance in full by the fee payment deadline, which is the first day of the semester. Failure to pay in full by the fee payment deadline will result in account holds, collection activities, and possible de-registration.

If you register after the first day of the semester, you must pay your tuition in full at the time of registration. 

Admission and Registration Deposits

New students will normally have paid a deposit to confirm their admission; if so, no additional registration deposit is required for the initial semester. For future semesters, all students must pay a registration deposit.  Deposits are applied to tuition charges and penalties.

  • The registration deposit amount is $275.

Students who are sponsored, recipients of financial aid, or recipients of grants may contact Financial Aid and Awards to explore alternatives if they cannot pay their deposit.

Tuition and Fee Charges

The Northern Lights College Board of Governors approves the tuition and fees for each program, each year. Current tuition and fee rates are published at Contact Hours and Fee Regulations

If you drop a course, there may be a financial penalty

Students are encouraged to finalize their registration as early in the registration period as possible. Dropping sections will result in a financial penalty; this includes if you switch from one course-section to another. See the F-4.03 Tuition Deposits, Deadlines, Refunds and Penalties Policy

If you de-register from a section, here's what you can expect: 

  • Drop 29 or more days prior to start of classes: Refund of 90% of tuition, plus all Student & Instruction-Related fees
  • Drop 1-28 days prior to start of classes: Refund of 85% of tuition, plus all Student & Instruction-Related fees
  • Drop during the add/drop period: Refund of 85% of tuition
  • Withdraw after the add/drop period: No refund

Note that if there are extenuating circumstance (circumstances beyond the student's control), you may submit a Request for Variance asking for an exception to the policy.

If you drop or withdraw and it results in a credit balance on your student account (you’ve paid more than the tuition and/or penalties), a refund may be issued.