Troubleshooting MyApps log-in

Having trouble logging into MyApps? On this page you can find:

Troubleshooting your NLC Account ID

You must know your 7-digit NLC Student ID number.

If you do not know your Student ID number:

  • It is on your NLC Student ID card; look for a 7-digit number on the same side as your photo.
  • It is printed on your Registration Statement (see ID# in the top right corner of your statement)
  • It is included in all official communications, including your admission letter, from NLC.

If you still cannot find it, please contact Campus Services at 1-866-463-6652 or at your nearest campus. Note that to protect your confidentiality, we will demand government issue photo ID if you come in person; we will require you answer a number of security questions if you contact us by phone. We cannot give out student ID numbers via email.

Your NLC Account ID

Your NLC Account ID is your NLC Student ID Number followed by NLC Student ID numbers are 7-digits long; add zeros to the beginning of an ID number to ensure you have seven digits.

For example:

These are incorrect

This doesn't look like a valid user ID

If you receive the error “This doesn't look like a valid user ID”, double check that:

The ID number is seven digits (use zeros, not ohs; use ones, not ayes or ells)
There is an @ symbol
The domain is STUDENTS.NLC.BC.CA (students is plural, case does not matter)
There are no spaces in the Account ID

If you have checked everything, please contact Campus Services at Include your full name, your student ID number, and the NLC Account ID you are using.

Forgot password

If you don’t know your password, or have forgotten, or the one you remember doesn’t work, you may need to recover your account. To get back into your account (or to obtain your password the first time):

  1. Click on “Can’t access your account?” or “Forgot password”
  2. Choose “Work or school account”
  3. Ensure your User ID is your NLC Account ID (e.g.
  4. Enter the characters of the security code
  5. Click Next
  6. Select “Email my alternate email”. A masked part of the email address that will be used to send your password to, is shown.
    IMPORTANT: If your current email address is NOT the one shown, do not continue! Contact Campus Services at 1-866-463-6652 or at your nearest campus to update your email address before continuing.
  7. Click the [EMAIL] button
  8. Check your email. A verification code has been sent to you; enter it into the box in your web browser.
    If you did not receive an email, check your spam filter. The message was sent from “Microsoft on behalf of Northern Lights College”. If you cannot find the email, please contact Campus Services at 1-866-463-6652 or visit your nearest campus to verify and update your email address.
  9. Update your password to one you remember.

    A strong password is required. It must be 8-16 characters. Do not include common words or names. Combine uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

Additional Security

The first time you log in successfully, NLC’s account system will require you to set some additional information. This to assist you in the future, if you forget your password, or get locked out of your account.

To make sure you can reset your password, we need to collect some info so we can verify who you are. We won't use this to spam you - just to keep your account more secure. You'll need to set up at least one of the options below.

Set up Authentication Phone to use text or voicemail.
Set up Authentication Email to use a non-NLC email address.