Office 365

Northern Lights College is providing Office 365 products for all staff, faculty and students.

What is Office 365?
At its core, Office 365 is the same suite of Office products and services you recognize, now provided through the cloud. Through Office 365, Microsoft offers more features in and greater access to the tools you use, both at work and at home, while providing the latest releases to its customers.

Some new features to highlight:

1. Multiple Installs - Download on up to 5 devices – including your cell phone.

Yes you can use on your personal phone or computer at home – including Apple computers!

2. OneDrive – provides you with 1 Terabyte (1TB = 1,024 GB) of storage.

3. These products are FIPPA compliant! (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act)

4. SharePoint – great for on line collaboration on documents

5. Teams – message and connect with colleagues, students and faculty!

How do I start?

Simply select this link:

Or perform a search for “office 365” in a browser and select the “Sign in to your account” link.

Next: Log in with your NLC credentials:

Students: student number@  - for example: - you should receive a welcome email to the email address you used when you registered for the course.

If you did not receive this email, please provide your current personal email address to Student Services: or phone 250-782-5251 and ask for student services.

Staff: Please use your NLC ID and password (same as your online nlc email credentials).


Resources to help you get started:

Office Training Center

Quick-start guides

OneNote videos

For instructors:

Learning hub