Video Conferencing Tips


Cable up!  - Use an ethernet cable to connect to the internet if possible, there are many factors that can interfere with Wireless network connectivity (microwaves, cordless phones, wireless channel saturation). Connecting via network cable eliminates these potential problems!

Cut down on non-essential usage – Bandwidth heavy applications can negatively affect your online experience with distance delivery. Netflix, Youtube, downloads, operating system updates running on other devices connected to your network can strain your connection.  If experiencing graining video/choppy audio or freezes, ask other users of your home network to refrain from using internet heavy applications, this applies across all connected devices! (Gaming consoles and mobile devices as well)

- If you find your connection is still having a tough time even with the above tips, try disabling your video feed from the conferencing app. That can sometimes free up enough resources to improve the audio quality.


Video settings - Setup your laptop/workstation in a well-lit area, if you’re going to be on camera try to keep light sources infront rather than behind you, your webcam will have a difficult time focusing on you infront of a window or bright light. Many conferencing platforms have the ability to add a background image or even blur your background, make use of these features if available.

Audio settings – Most conferencing platforms allow you to configure/tweak video and audio settings before joining a call, if your using speakers be particularly mindful of the volume its set to, if it’s too loud it will likely introduce feedback into the call. Use a headset for the best quality experience (the earbuds that likely came with your iphone/android work really well here!)

Turn it off! – Keep running applications to a minimum, this frees up resources for the conference.

Security software – Some third-party security suites can interfere with web conference applications, temporarily disabling the software or creating specific security rules within the application can improve performance.

Conference Etiquette

- If not speaking, please mute your microphone.

- Teams and Zoom have a “raise hand” feature inside the call, use this to get the presenters attention if you want to verbally ask a question. Otherwise, use the chat function to type your questions.

- We provide computers with internet access on all campuses, through the libraries or in separate labs. You can also charge mobile devices in the libraries.

- All campuses offer wireless internet. You can get the password to access the internet from Student Services or the libraries.