Learning Support Specialist

Learning Support Specialist to aid studentsThe Learning Support Specialist at NLC is responsible for working with current students to assist in learning and retention. Specifically, the Learning Support Specialist is involved
in the following:

  • Works with faculty to support students who have been placed on academic probation and/or who are having thoughts of dropping out of their programs.
  • Identifies barriers to student retention and provides workshops and one-on-one help to help students overcome barriers, including study skills, time management, exam taking, note taking, budgeting, and networking.
  • Assists current students in establishing career and academic goals, and with career planning.
  • Organizes workshops for students on topics of wellness, including substance abuse, sexual abuse, and mental health.
  • Advises students on how to balance school, personal life and work.
  • Assists students in accessing tutoring, including providing names of possible tutors, and information on services available from the Career and College Preparation department at NLC.
  • Refers students to NLC services such as Financial Aid, Aboriginal Advisors, and Access Services, as needed.
  • Refers students to outside agencies where required. These services could include counseling, physicians, mental health professionals, social assistance agencies, literacy societies, or food banks.
    Community Resources available by Community:
    Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, Chetwynd, Tumbler Ridge, Fort Nelson, Dease Lake
  • Makes students aware of free services such as provincial crisis lines.
    Student Health and Wellness Page


For more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact:

Learning Support Specialist

Phone: 250-784-7552
Email: learningsupport@nlc.bc.ca



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