The NLC Registrar is the Chief Electoral Officer for elections held to fill student, faculty, and staff positions on the NLC Board of Governors and the NLC Education Council.

Board of Governors Elections

Faculty (one elected position)
     3 year term

Support Staff (one elected position)
     3 year term

Students (two elected positions)
     1 year term

Education Council Elections

Faculty (ten elected positions)
     2 year term

Support Staff (two elected positions)
     2 year term

Students (four elected positions)
     1 year term

Campaign Rules for Candidates

Campaigning is defined as “any activity by a candidate, be it through social media, posters, discussion, or announcements, to encourage or entice a constituent to vote for them or another specific candidate”.

  1. All candidates may submit a Candidate Statement, which will be published on the Student Governance web page (nlc.bc.ca/student-governance) or through employee email.  A photo of the candidate may be included at the discretion of the candidate.
  2. Campaign posters are allowed however, they may only be posted on College bulletin boards.
  3. Campaigning may happen up to and including election day.
  4. Campaigning may not happen within 25 meters of a poll (including the advance polling stations).  At no time will a candidate or someone campaigning on their behalf, engage voters at a polling station (including at an Advance Poll or while a voter is voting online).
  5. No campaign material shall refer to another candidate or their platform in any way without express consent of both candidates.
  6. All candidates are encouraged to talk with their consituents:
    1. To discuss how they will represent them at the Board or Education Council;
    2. To encourage them to vote; and
    3. To engage with all candidates about the issues that concern them most.
  7. At no time will a candidate or someone campaigning on their behalf, harass or otherwise aggressively solicit votes, nor to use intimidation or bribery to garner votes.  This limitation applies equally to social media and at locations not under the control of the College.
  8. All campaigning activities are subject to NLC policies including the Student Non-Academic Code of Conduct (students) and Standards of Ethical Conduct (employees).  Nominees may be excluded from election should they or their representatives violate these regulations.

Questions or concerns regarding the violation of these rules may be directed to registrar@nlc.bc.ca.  Note that while the identity of the source will be protected, the Registrar will not accept anonymous complaints.


Effective September 2020, elections for student positions on the Board of Governors and Education Council will be carried out by electronic ballot.  Effective February 2021, elections for employee positions on the Board of Governors and Education Council will be carried out by electronic ballot.  Advance poll and election day will be collapsed into a single period of voting that aligns with the regulations regarding advance polls and election day.

All eligible voters will be issued a ballot on the first day of the Advanced Poll.  Voters are required to provide their student/employee ID number and their birthdate (students only) to validate their ballot.

At the close of the polls, the Registrar will validate all ballots cast, and ensure any voter identity information is separated from the ballot.  Invalid ballots will be set aside and reported as spoiled ballots.  A valid ballot is a ballot where the email address used for ballot distribution, the ID number provided, and birthdate (students only) provided, match the records on file with the NLC Registrar.

Voters will only be able to submit their ballot once.  Ballots may not be recalled or reissued once cast.  Voters that believe their ballot has been cast by someone else should contact the NLC Registrar.

Instructions for Voters

After voting online, you will be redirected to this page.  This indicates your vote has been recorded. 

If you have concerns or would like to provide feedback regarding the electoral process, please email registrar@nlc.bc.ca.