NLC Education Council Elections

Faculty (ten elected positions)
     2 year term

Support Staff (two elected positions)
     2 year term

Students (two elected posities)
     1 year term

Election Rules for Candidates

In September 2016, the Registrar established the following guidelines for all candidates to follow:

  • Campaign posters are allowed, however, they may only be posted on College bulletin boards.
  • Campaigning may happen up to and including election day.
  • Campaigning may not happen within 25 meters of a poll (including the advance polling stations)

All candidates are encouraged to talk with other students:

  • To discuss how they will represent them at the Board or Education Council;
  • To encourage them to vote; and
  • To engage with all candidates about the issues that concern them most. 

At no time will a candidate or someone campaigning on their behalf, engage voters at a polling station (including at an Advance Poll).  It is not permissible to harass or otherwise aggressively solicit votes, nor to use intimidation or bribery to garner votes.

Questions or concerns regarding the violation of these rules may be directed to registrar@nlc.bc.ca.  Note that while the identify of the source will be protected, the Registrar will not accept anonymous complaints.