Planning your classes

Now that you have become an NLC student, you will want to plan what courses to take and when. For most programs, NLC provides academic planning grids that tell you what courses you need to successfully complete in order to graduate.

If you are taking a program that will be completed over several semesters, not only will you need to plan which courses to take in each semester, you will also have to choose whether it will be online, or what day, time and location will meet your needs. You make that choice by reviewing the Timetables.

Academic program grids

Academic program grids are available here. A program grid indicates what courses are required to complete your credential, and possibly what semester to take each course in. Courses do not indicate the time, day, or location.

If you need assistance planning which courses to take, or deciding which electives are appropriate, please contact your program chair.

Finding classes on a Timetable

The timetables show what sections are being offered in the up-coming semester. Sections identify the course, but also include details about who is teaching, where it is, what time it is at, and what day of the week. NLC makes timetables available in three different formats:

Don't forget Pre- and Co-requisites

When you are making your course choices, many courses identify other courses that must be completed prior to its start. These are called "prerequisites". Occasionally, courses may be taken before or concurrently with it. These are called "co-requisites".

Ensure when you are planning your classes that you plan to meet pre- and co-requisites.