Planning your classes

Now that you are an NLC student, you need to plan what courses you will take and when you will take then. Most programs have academic planning grids to help you with this process. Academic planning support is also available from the program chairs. 

Academic planning grids

Academic planning grids are available for many programs. A program grid indicates what courses are required to complete your credential, and possibly what semester to take each course in. The grids do not indicate the day, time, or location for specific course-sections; that information is in the Timetable published each semester. 

If you need assistance planning which courses to take, or deciding which electives are appropriate, please contact your program chair.

Finding classes on a Timetable

The Timetables show which course-sections are available in an upcoming semester. Sections identify the course, but also include details about who is teaching, where it is, what time it is at, and what day of the week.

Timetables are published in the Online Timetable Search.  Use the Advanced Search option to select the term you want. You can also filter for specific subjects, locations, days of the week, etc. 

All semester-based class offerings are listed in this Online Timetable Search, which is automatically updated to let you know how many seats are still available in each section and how many people are on the waitlist. 

If you log into Borealis when using the Online Timetable Search, you can use the "Add Section to My Schedule" feature to plan out in advance which sections you want to add to your timetable.  Then, at your assigned registration time all you need to do is click the "Register Now" button. 


Don't forget prerequisites, co-requisites, and restrictions
  • ​A prerequisite is another course or requirement that you have to complete before you are permitted to register in a specific course.
  • A co-requisite is another course or requirement that you must be enrolled in at the same time. Please note that being on a waitlist does not satisfy co-requisite requirements; you must be registered.
  • Restrictions are when a course or section is limited only to students in a specific program.  

All of these are in place to ensure that students are prepared for the courses that they want to register in. 

The Timetables outline all of the prerequisite, co-requisite, and restriction information associated with each class. You need to ensure that you meet all of these requirements when you are planning your classes; otherwise, you won't be able to register in your chosen sections. 

If you are currently enrolled in a prerequsite course but it isn't yet finished, you are conditionally allowed to register in the course that requires the prerequisite. Once you receive your final grade in the prerequisite course, the College will de-register you from the next course if your final grade doesn't satisfy the prerequisite requirements. 

Occasionally, students may feel they meet course requisites in a way not identified in the list of pre- or co-requisites. If this is the case, you can request for permission to waive the requirements by contacting your program chair in writing to ask for a waiver. 

Waiver requests must include:

  • your Student ID number
  • your full name
  • your daytime contact number
  • the semester 
  • the specific course (and section if you require a specific section)
  • your detailed rationale for why you think you satisfy the requisite requirements and should be eligible for a waiver

Please note that instructors are not permitted to waive requisites; only program chairs can grant a waiver. Waivers are only good for the semester in which they are approved.