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Semester 2020 Fall (semester)
Course Section ID 142314
Section CPSC-101-ROD01
Title Introduction to Computing
Description This is an introductory course for students who have little or no experience with computers. The emphasis of this course is on basic computer concepts with some hands-on applications. The course will provide an overview of the concepts of word processing, electronic spreadsheets, presentation software, worldwide web tools and database management. Students will use some application software packages. Other computer concepts and applications will be discussed. Some basic concepts of computer programming will be discussed.
Credits 3.00
Location Online & Distance
Last day to drop 2020-09-21
Withdrawal deadline 2020-11-03
Capacity 18
Status Active
Meetings Lecture: Sep 8 to Dec 2 -- at n/a- in Online room ONL Lab: Sep 8 to Dec 2 -- at n/a- in Online room ONL
Instructors Hongbin Cui;
Important Info
Last updated: 9/17/2020 8:13 AM