Student ID Cards

Sample student IDAll students enrolled and assessed Technology fees are eligible for an NLC Student ID card for the period of attendance.  Cards may be issued up to two weeks prior to the start of classes.

Get your card for the 2022 academic year!

To obtain a student ID card:

1. Take a selfie!

  • Head and shoulders only. Don’t cut off part of your head/hair – we want to see your entire head! You hair can be down or pulled back.
  • Use a light coloured neutral background.
  • No hats or sunglasses please (headgear with religious significance is welcome).
  • Smiles are OK!
  • Must be in JPG (jpeg) format.
  • 300dip resolution.
  • At least 200 pixels wide and at least 200 pixels tall.

2. Email your selfie to

  • Make sure your mailing address is up-to-date on your student record before you request your card.
    • If you want your card mailed to a different address, provide the address when you email your selfie.
  • The subject line of your email should be “Request for Student ID Card”
  • In the body of your email, you must include:
    • Your full name
    • Your NLC Student ID number
    • Your program (especially important for ECEC, HCA, and PN)
  • Don't forget to attach your selfie!
  • Attach a scanned copy of a government issued photo ID clearly showing your photo and legal name 

Your Student ID Card will be mailed to you unless you have any classes scheduled on‐campus.  Students who are registered in courses on campus will be able to pick up their ID at Campus Services.  Please allow five business days for processing. Please ensure your mailing address is updated prior to requesting your ID card.

Expiry Date

NLC Student ID Cards are valid for up to one year, expiring every August. If your card has expired and you are still an NLC student, you can extend the expiry date of your card by requesting a renewal sticker.

To request a renewal sticker for your ID card:

  1. Register in classes for the upcoming year.
  2. If you have any classes on campus:
    • Go to Campus Services to request your Renewal Sticker.
    • Bring your Student ID card with you so we can confirm your identity.
    • We will issue your sticker to you right away.
  3. If you do not have any classes on campus:
    1. Email your request to 
    2.  Subject of your email should be “Request for Student ID Card Renewal Sticker”
    3. In the body of your email, include:
      1. Your full name
      2. Your NLC Student ID number

Your Renewal Sticker will be mailed to the address we have on file in your student record. Please ensure your mailing address is updated prior to requesting your ID card.

Lost, found, stolen, or replacement cards

Replacements for lost or stolen cards, or if you want to update your photo, are subject to a nominal fee. Use the Replacement Student ID Card Request form to order a replacement. 


Please return found Student ID cards to the nearest Campus Services office or mail to:

Office of the Registrar
Northern Lights College
11401 – 8th St.
Dawson Creek, BC, Canada V1G 4G2