Student Awards and Grants

Scholarships, bursaries and other awards are made available to students by the Northern Lights College Foundation and other organizations.

General awards with a January 25 application deadline

Download a PDF file listing all awards.

The NLC Foundation has assembled a comprehensive award catalog to help prospective students, current students, and graduates stay in school and to acknowledge their commitment and success.

Entrance Awards lists scholarships and bursaries provided to student considering or planning to attend Northern Lights College.

New Student Awards lists scholarships and bursaries available to students just beginning their studies at Northern Lights College.

General Awards lists scholarships, bursaries, and awards available to students during their time at Northern Lights College.

NLC Graduate Awards lists bursaries and awards for students nearing completion of their program and ready to graduate.

Emergency Assistance lists grants for current students who are experience financial need.

Indigenous Awards lists all awards that are available to indigenous students.

External Awards lists scholarships and bursaries administered by an agency outside of Northern Lights College, for which NLC students are eligible to apply.

Each of the awards listed in the Award Catalog include eligibility information, deadlines, and application instructions as well as recognizing the donors who make the award possible.