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Information for Indigenous students and international students.

What are my courses in the fall semester going to look like?
We are following the provincial government’s Go Forward Guidelines to deliver our programs this fall. We will deliver our courses through a mix distance delivery tools, including interactive video, pre-recorded lecture, and online learning. Courses and learning outcomes that require lab or shop time will use the same distance delivery tools but also include time on campus with appropriate health and safety protocols. In general, we are working to keep the amount of time you may spend on campus to a minimum.

When will I be able to resume my labs on campus?
We have finalized the arrangements for all labs in the winter and spring terms. Full details for the fall labs are available in the fall timetable.

I’m already registered in a face-to-face class. What do I do?
The registrar’s office will update your registration and email you as the schedule of online classes becomes available.

What do I do if I want to take classes in the spring but don’t have a computer?
Please contact a financial aid officer to explore funding to assist you in purchasing a computer.

What if I cannot access online classes live? Can I view a recorded lecture?
Contact your instructor to make arrangements for accessing your online courses outside of regular class time.

My course was cancelled. Will I get my money back?

My course was rescheduled to be delivered online, but I want to take that course in person. Can I drop it?
If you have been affected by a scheduling change, we have notified you and provided the option to drop the course without penalty.

Will there still be orientation?
Yes, we are delivering orientation online.

What happens if I get sick
Depending on the seriousness of the illness, you may drop or withdraw, based on timing. We may consider exceptions if you submit a request for variance.

If the libraries on campus and in town are closed, I cannot access a printer. What do I do?
If you live in student housing, you can access a printer there. You can also contact your instructor for other options.

How do I get information or help with a continuing education course?
Please contact the continuing education team.