Covid-19 FAQ – Student housing

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Can I study with my friend from another room or have another student from outside the college come in to study?
At this time, we have restricted access to student housing to registered tenants only to reduce the risk of transmitting of Covid-19. We have also prohibited tenants from visiting other suites at this time. If you violate these directives, you will be subject to penalties and consequences as outlined in the student housing handbook.

Is there anyone sick in housing?
Due to protection of privacy, we will not disclose the health information of tenants in student housing. You can be confident that we have protocols and systems in place to ensure safety and support anyone living in housing, should they develop symptoms of illness.

What happens if I get sick?
If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, immediately self-isolate and contact your primary care physician or call 8-1-1 to speak to someone about your symptoms.

If you have chosen to self-isolate, are instructed to self-isolate by a healthcare professional, or notice that your roommate is ill, please notify your housing manager.

For more information on self-isolation, recommended safety precautions, and hygiene expectations, please refer to the BC Centre for Disease Control and HealthLinkBC.

Will housing close? If it does, where will I go?
We will not be closing student housing. If you are currently living in student housing, you can remain in student housing. We have encouraged those who have a place to go, such as home with family or another safe alternative, to do so. If you would like more information about available housing in your community, please contact your housing manager.

Will rent be forgiven in the following months until the Covid-19 crisis is over?
NLC offered a rent credit for registered NLC students living in student housing for the month of April only in response to the sudden implementation of provincial health measures. If you have experienced significant changes in your employment situation or ability to pay your rent, please reach out to a financial aid officer for assistance.

I am living in student housing. Can I apply for the BC Temporary Rental Supplement program?
No. Tenants of housing owned or operated by educational institutions are not eligible for the BCTRS.