Contact Hours and Fee Regulations

Tuition and Fees for the 2023-24 Academic Year

The NLC Board has approved tuition and other fees for each program. They vary depending upon the type and duration of the program. In addition to approved tuition fees, instruction-related fees, and student service fees, students also pay fees levied by the NLC Student Association (NLCSA).

Part-time students (less than 9 credits per term or in a part-time program) are assessed 55% of student fees.

Tuition may be waived for students aged 65 years or older. Submit proof of age (government issued photo ID with birthdate) to any student services office prior to the start of classes.  For details regarding eligibility, see Policy F-4.04 Tuition Waiver for Seniors.

This fee schedule applies from 1 August 2023 to 31 July 2024. NLC reserves the right to amend this schedule without notice. Rates are listed in Canadian dollars. For rates for Continuing Education courses, please see Continuing Education.

Calculating Official Tuition

Tuition fees are normally calculated by multiplying the rate by the number of contact hours or the number of credits in the course or program. Note that programs that register students in more than one academic year (September to August) will be subject to the subsequent year rates.

Program Fee Type Domestic International
Academic $ 119.38/Credit $ 386.00/Credit
Career & College Prep $ 5.16/Contact hour* $ 12.85/Contact hour
Trades/Apprenticeship $ 3.42/Contact hour $ 12.29/Contact hour
Trades/Apprenticeship (Tier 2)** $ 3.42/Contact hour $ 12.29/Contact hour
Vocational/Career Technical $ 3.42/Contact hour $ 12.29/Contact hour
Job Education & Training $ 1.63/Contact hour n/a
Practical Nursing Diploma $ 5.42/Contact hour $ 20.06/Contact hour
English as a Second Language $ 6.20/Contact hour $ 16.52/Contact hour

* The BC Government has eliminated tuition fees for Adult Basic Education and English Language Learning beginning Sep 1, 2017 for domestic students.  For information about what this means at NLC, please see CCP and ESL Tuition Waived.
** Tier 2 is Aircraft Maintenance, Heavy Mechanical, Piping Trades, Plumber, Professional Cook, and Welding programs.

See the list of all Programs for Program Fee Type.

Student Services Fees Table

Student services fees are assessed for each semester or equivalent instructional period in which a student is enrolled. Full-time students are student enrolled in 9 or more credits per semester, or 18 or more contact hours per week. For programs that do not follow a semester, Student Services Fees cover up to five months (20 weeks).

Fee Full-time Part-time
Library $ 6.91 $ 3.79
Facilities* $ 27.08 $ 14.87
Technology $ 20.89 $ 11.48

* Courses delivered wholly in an online format are not assessed Facilities fees.

NLC Student Association

All students that are assessed NLC Student Association fees are members of the NLCSA. For detailed information about the NLCSA, please see:  Each student will be assessed a Part 1 fee and a Part 2 fee, depending on their status and their home campus.

Assessment Rates
Part 1 - Executive Board fee $2.00 for full-time or $1.00 for part-time
Part 2 - Branch fee $1.18/credit or $0.05/contact hour

* Branch fees are allocated by student home campus to one of: Atlin, Chetwynd, Dawson Creek, Dease Lake, Fort Nelson, Fort St. John, Tumbler Ridge, or Online.

Note: Concurrent studies students (including dual-credit students) are NLCSA members, and are therefore assessed Student Association fees.

Instruction-Related Fees

Instruction-related fees are established for each program to cover resources consumed during normal instructional activities. These fees are charged in addition to tuition and student services fees. All instruction-related fees are subject to 5% GST and are the same for both domestic and international students.

Program Rate Unit
Access to Practical Nursing Diploma $597.52 program
Aircraft Maintenance Technician Diploma $230.04 semester
Aircraft Maintenance Technician Diploma - Vernon $307.10 program
Aircraft Mechanic Basics Certificate $230.04 semester
Applied Business Technology $0.42 contact hour
Automotive Service Technician Apprenticeship Level 1 $110.87 level
Automotive Service Technician Apprenticeship Level 2 $177.65 level
Automotive Service Technician Apprenticeship Level 3 $110.87 level
Automotive Service Technician Apprenticeship Level 4 $95.04 level
Automotive Service Technician Foundation Certificate $474.14 program
Building Maintenance Certificate $491.39 program
Business Management (including Advanced Certificate in Management, Executive Assistant Diploma) $49.37 lab
Career and College Preparation (lab courses) $49.37 lab
Career and College Preparation including BC Adult Graduation Diploma (all courses) $0.17 contact hour
Carpenter Apprenticeship Level 1 $123.85 level
Carpenter Apprenticeship Level 2 $123.85 level
Carpenter Apprenticeship Level 3 $123.85 level
Carpenter Apprenticeship Level 4 $123.85 level
Cosmetology Diploma (see Esthetician and Hairstylist) $3660.51 program
Culinary Arts Advanced Certificate $1058.02 program
Early Childhood Education and Care Diploma $93.18 course
Education Assistant $93.18 course
Electrician Apprenticeship Level 1 $174.27 level
Electrician Apprenticeship Level 1-2 Gap Training $6.94 level
Electrician Apprenticeship Level 2 $174.27 level
Electrician Apprenticeship Level 3 $174.27 level
Electrician Apprenticeship Level 4 $174.27 level
Electrician Foundation Trades Certificate $558.27 program
Enhanced Carpentry Foundation Certificate $491.39 program
Esthetician Certificate $2339.55 program
Explore Trades for Adults $281.53 program
Explore Trades for Youth $281.53 program
Family Resource Practitioner Advanced Certificate $93.18 course
Hairstylist Foundation Certificate $1320.96 program
Health Care Assistant Certificate $322.64 program
Heavy Mechanical Trades Apprenticeship Level 1 $104.78 level
Heavy Mechanical Trades Apprenticeship Level 2 $104.78 level
Heavy Mechanical Trades Apprenticeship Level 3 $104.78 level
Heavy Mechanical Trades Apprenticeship Level 4 (HDET) $101.33 level
Heavy Mechanical Trades Apprenticeship Level 4 (TTM) $99.35 level
Heavy Mechanical Trades Foundation Certificate $474.14 program
Human Services Professional Development Advanced Certificate $93.18 course
Interactive Technologies and Game Design Diploma (not including ITEC-240, ITEC-250, ITEC-320) $110.40 course
Job Education and Training Certificate $155.32 program
Millwright Apprenticeship Level 1 $125.51 level
Millwright Apprenticeship Level 2 $125.51 level
Millwright Apprenticeship Level 3 $125.51 level
Millwright Apprenticeship Level 4 $125.51 level
Millwright Foundations Certificate $285.31 program
Oil and Gas Field Operations Certificate $2128.32 program
People Obtaining Workplace Employment Requirements $281.53 program
Piping Trades Foundation Certificate $324.72 program
Plumber Apprenticeship Level 1 $104.78 level
Plumber Apprenticeship Level 2 $104.78 level
Plumber Apprenticeship Level 3 $104.78 level
Plumber Apprenticeship Level 4 $126.73 level
Power Engineering (4th Class) Certificate $1840.13 program
Practical Nursing Diploma $585.81 program
Pre-Employment Workplace Essential Skills Certificate $530.73 program
Professional Cook 1 Direct Entry $147.74 level
Professional Cook 1 Indigenous Content Direct Entry $147.74 level
Professional Cook 1 Institutional Entry $439.75 program
Professional Cook 2 Direct Entry $337.83 level
Professional Cook 2 Institutional Entry $597.52 program
Professional Cook 3 Direct Entry $337.83 level
Social Services Worker Diploma $48.41 lab
University Arts and Sciences (includes Associate of Arts Degrees, Archaeology, Criminology, Education, Engineering, Humanities, Land & Water Resources, Pre-medicine, Social Sciences) $48.41 lab
Welder Apprenticeship Level 1 $120.68 level
Welder Apprenticeship Level 2 $120.68 level
Welder Apprenticeship Level 2-3 Gap Training $17.64 level
Welder Apprenticeship Level 3 $176.63 level
Welder Foundation Certificate $622.59 program
Welder Multi-process Alloy Welder $143.51 level
Welder-Fabricator Foundation Certificate $750.00 program
Wind Turbine Maintenance Technician Advanced Certificate $827.05 program

* Program IR fees are assessed in the initial period of study.

Prior Learning Assessment and Transfer Credit

Prior Learning Assessment, including course challenge are assessed fees as follows:

  • Course challenge fees are assessed at 75% of the cost of the course tuition as defined in the Tuition Fees Table. Student Services fees and Instruction-related fees do not apply.
  • Transfer credit requests for courses taken at BC public post-secondary institutions are free. Transfer credit requests from non-BC public post-secondary institutions are subject to a fee.

International Medical Insurance

All international students enrolled at NLC must have medical insurance. This is available through GuardMe. Please contact the International Education Department. Students are required to pay the premium in advance so that coverage is in place on the day the student arrives in Canada. The cost is currently $828 per year.

Other Fees and Charges

The following fees and charges are in effect from 01 August 2023 to 31 July 2024. For Testing/Assessment Service fees, see Entrance Assessments.

Service Fee
Application Fees $ 25.50 (domestic)
$ 100.00 (international)
AME log book-stamping for approved ATO $ 40.00
Convocation Registration Fee $ 30.00
NSF cheque $ 50.00
Reissue of Welding log books $ 50.00
Replacement credential $ 25.00
Student cards (replacement only) $ 10.00
Student Records Requests (incl. legal & FOIPOP requests; includes unofficial transcript) $10.50 each + $0.25/page
Study Permit Renewal Support Letter (5 day business service) $25.00
Study Permit Renewal Support Letter (Rush, next business day) $50.00
Supplemental Exam Fees $ 75.00/rewrite
Transcript (5 business days service, per copy) $ 10.50 + GST
Transcript (Rush, next business day, per copy*) $ 35.50 + GST
Transfer credit assessment (BC public post-secondary) Free
Transfer credit assessment (not BC public institutions) $ 25.00/request
Unofficial Transcript (online in Borealis) Free
Verification of Enrolment letter (standard format) Free
Verification of Enrolment letter (custom letter) $ 25.00/request

* Includes delivery by XpressPost. All other delivery methods must be arranged and paid for by the student.