Health and Safety

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The purpose of this section of the College web site is to provide the College community access to needed health and safety information and the College Health and Safety Program. Each department within the College is expected to utilize the Policies and Procedures contained within the Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Program to create their own specific working procedures.

No unsafe act will be encouraged or accepted by Northern Lights College, whose commitment to excellence is reflected in its quality people and service. The College is committed to operating practices that protect the well-being of personnel, equipment, facilities, property and the general public, and which comply with the general and environmental legislation by which the institution is bound.

All questions can be forwarded via email to:

NLC Alert and Emergency Notification System: This video illustrates Northern Lights College's alert and emergency notification system that uses audible and visual alerts.







NLC is committed to providing a safe campus environment. An audible ALERTUS alarm will sound for an intruder alert or practice drill. NLC strongly recommends you add this application to your mobile device. Download the instructions to the ALERTUS mobile app here.