Awards, Scholarships & Bursaries

Big Changes Coming Soon!

The NLC Foundation would like to advise that awards scheduled to open for application on November 25, 2022 (deadline of January 25, 2023) will be postponed and available for application on December 5, 2022.

Please stay tuned for an exciting announcement from the NLC Foundation on Monday, December 5, 2022 when these awards will be open for application!

Scholarships, bursaries and awards are non-repayable financial assistance made available to students through the Northern Lights College Foundation and other organizations.

General Awards (January 25 Application Deadline)

You can get the details about all awards available to all students (with application deadline of January 25) by reviewing the General Awards Booklet.  Check out each award's criteria in the booklet to determine the awards you are eligible to apply for.

Students are eligible to apply for January 25 deadline awards if they have been enrolled in a program between January 25 to December 31 of the year prior to the January 25 application deadline. For example, if a student was enrolled between January 25 to December 31, 2021, the student is eligible to apply for our January 25, 2022 deadline awards.

When you are ready to apply, fill out the General Award Application Form.  This form is used for all general awards and you have to fill out a separate application for each award you wish to apply for.

Check out how to apply and see helpful tips and tricks for simplifying the application process.  

Once you have your application(s) filled out, submit them with any required supporting documents to by January 25 each year.

Program Specific Awards

Below is a list of program specific award booklets. Please note: for a complete booklet of awards that are available to all students, please use the General Awards Booklet.

  • Applied Business Technology program specific booklet includes all awards that are available to students attending the Applied Business Technology program.
  • Health Sciences program specific booklet includes all awards that are available to students attending Heath Sciences programs.
  • Indigenous Awards booklet includes all awards that are available to indigneous students.
  • Trades and Apprenticeship program specific booklet includes all awards that are available to students attending trades and apprenticeship programs.
  • University Arts and Sciences program specific booklet includes all awards that are available to students attending University Arts and Science programs.

Information about different types of awards

The NLC Foundation has assembled a comprehensive award catalog to help prospective students, current students, and graduates stay in school and to acknowledge their commitment and success, as well.

You can narrow your search for awards designated for specific groups of students using the list below to access different award catalogs. When you find awards you are interested in, you can look them up in the General Awards Booklet to find out more details.

Each of the awards listed in the Award Catalogs below include eligibility information, deadlines, and application instructions as well as recognizing the donors who make the award possible.

  • Entrance Awards list scholarships and bursaries provided to students considering or planning to attend Northern Lights College.
  • Emergency Assistance lists grants for current students who are experiencing financial difficulties or are in need.
  • External Awards lists scholarships and bursaries administered by an agency outside of Northern Lights College, for which NLC students are eligible to apply.
  • General Awards lists scholarships, bursaries, and awards available to students during their time at Northern Lights College.
  • Graduate Awards lists bursaries and awards for students nearing completion of their NLC program and ready to graduate.
  • Indigenous Awards lists all awards that are available to Indigenous students.
  • New Student Awards lists scholarships and bursaries available to students just beginning their studies at Northern Lights College.