Awards, Scholarships & Bursaries

Scholarships, bursaries and other awards made available to students by the Northern Lights College Foundation and other organizations.  Awards include:

  • Entrance and New Student Awards: A number of entrance awards are available for students graduating from high schools in the NLC region as well as awards for students entering NLC for the first time.
  • External Awards: The awarding of external awards is overseen by an external review committee.
  • Regional Awards: NLC students at any campus, who meet the application criteria, are eligible to apply for a Regional Award.
  • Campus Awards: Certain awards are available only to students who are enrolled in a program offered at one or more specified campuses.
  • Program Awards: Many student awards are presented on the basis of academic standing, or other criteria, in a specific program area.

Most awards require the student to submit an applica­tion form. Application forms are available from any Financial Aid Officer.

For a complete list of available awards, see: Foundation Awards