Student Loans

Getting a loan to pay for your education is consistently one of the best investments that you will make.  Study after study shows that the "return on investment" for a college credential is better than almost any other investment.

However, there are several different types of loans.  A loan from a financial institution (like a bank or credit union) typically begins a repayment schedule very shortly after the money is given to a student.  A government student loan typically doesn't require repayment until after your education is complete.

StudentAid BC

StudentAid BC is your connection to Canada Student Loans, Canada Study Grants, BC Student Loans and Part-time Student Assistance Program.  This comprehensive web site will provide information about applying for a loan, how it works and who is eligible.  NLC's financial aid officers can help you with your StudentAid application; just book an appointment, email (, call, or drop in.

Did you know...

  • Student loans are available for part-time students? And grants exist for part-time students with dependents?
  • Pre-college studies (upgrading) can be funded through the Adult Upgrading Grant - including childcare?
  • Special grants and loans exist for students with permanent disabilities?
  • Funding is available for students who have received EI benefits in the last three years?

Student Loans for non-BC Residents

Do you live in another province? Another country?  Typically, all government student loan programs require the College to confirm enrolment as part of the student loan process. NLC's financial aid officers can help you with confirmation requirements.

Loans and Lines of Credit

Most banks and credit unions offer loans or lines of credit for qualified students.  Contact your local branch for information about products for students.