Tuition Guide

The information below is provided as a guide to help you with planning your education. Actual costs may vary at the point of registration. Tuition and fees are based on the 2021/22 fee rates effective Aug 1, 2021 through Jul 31, 2022. Estimates do not include the program application fee of $25.

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Criminology Certificate

Cost estimates per One Year

Item Amount
Tuition (30/credits at the Academic rate) $3,442.50
Student Fees (2) $144.34
Instruction Related Fees (includes $- in GST) $-
Sub-total $3,586.84
Estimated textbook(s) cost $1,700.00
Estimated tools/instrument(s) cost: Calculator, USB Flash-drive $110.00
Estimated supplies cost: Binders/Pens/Paper $200.00
Estimated clothing/uniform(s) cost: $-
Exam/professional fees: $-
Other costs: $-
Estimated Total for the One Year $5,596.84
This program is eligible for StudentAid BC funding
Notes: $-

Living Costs:

In addition to tuition and other program-related costs, you will want to expect other expenses if you are living away from home. Please plan for a place to stay, food, transportation, entertainment, travel, and other personal living expenses.

Northern Lights College has residences available on the Dawson Creek and Fort St. John campus. Estimates below are based on current residence rates and shared accommodation (4-bedroom). Living off-campus rates may vary.

Item Amount
Residence application fee $ 50.00
Rent (8 months) $4,160.00
Groceries (8 months at $250/month) $2,000.00
Estimated Total Living Costs for the Program $6,160.00
Last updated: 6/10/2021 9:24 AM

This document is an estimate only and gives students, parents, and/or sponsors an approximation of the cost of taking this program at NLC. Living costs may vary significantly depending on the needs of the individual student and off-campus costs.

Estimated values noted here shall not be binding to Northern Lights College. Official tuition and fee rates can be found at Contact Hours and Fees page.