Each course-section has a maximum number of available seats. Once that maximum has been reached, no additional students may be registered.

However, most sections have a waitlist option. If you want to register in a section but it is full, you can choose to add yourself to the waitlist. If a seat becomes available, the vacant space will be offered to the first student on the waitlist.

Waitlist seat offer procedure
  • Seat offers are sent by email to waitlisted students.
  • If you receive an offer, you have 48 hours to accept it.
  • Log into Borealis and select "Register for Classes" from the Academics menu in the vertical grey menu on the left-hand side.
  • Click Register Now to accept your seat offer. 

  • The seat offer will expire after 48 hours. If you don't accept the offer within that time, the offer will expire and you will be dropped from the waitlist. The seat offer will go to the next student on the list.
  • If the seat offer expires but you really did want to accept it, you can add yourself back to the waitlist but you will be at the end of the list. There is no way to get your seat offer back after it has expired.

If you add yourself to a waitlist, you are taking responsibility for checking your email at least once per day until you receive a seat offer or until the end of the add/drop period, whichever comes first.

Make sure the email address that the College has on file for you is correct! NLC is not responsible for missed or undelivered waitlist offers.

  • Students must meet prerequisites, co-requisites, and program restriction requirements to qualify to be on a waitlist.
  • Students may not waitlist for a section if they are already registered in a different section for the same course in the same semester
  • Students may only waitlist for one section of a course in a semester. However, students may be on as many different course-waitlists in a semester that they want
  • Waitlists only apply to the applicable semester and do not carry forward to future semesters
  • If seats become available, seats are offered on a first-waitlisted, first-offered basis. NLC reserves the right to manage waitlists to meet specific enrolment needs. 
  • In the event an additional section is offered after waitlists have started, all waitlists for the course will be combined and seats in the new section will be offered in the order of the combined waitlist.
  • NLC reserves the right to add additional spaces to meet specific enrolment needs.