Why study at Northern Lights College?

There are many reasons you should study in Canada, and Northern Lights College is a great choice for your Canadian education.

It is a great place to study, work and live because:

  • Quality of the BC public system, advantage of applied college learning
  • Chance to study and work while at NLC, and access a PGWP (post-graduate work permit)
  • Lowest overall tuition in BC—one of the most economical in Canada—low cost of living compared to big cities
  • Dynamic local labour market—great work opportunities while studying and after graduating
  • Small safe cities with great amenties
  • we have small classes on welcoming campuses, where you’re treated as a person, not a number

NLC has affordable tuition and the cost of living is quite low. Our tuition rates are reasonable and lower than universities and most colleges. The cost of living in the cities of Dawson Creek and Fort St. John is lower than in large cities in Canada but many of the same amenities are available to you.

There are many employment opportunities here. Many of our students are employed within three months of graduation. It is not difficult to find part time employment while studying and full time employment after graduation.

In Dawson Creek and Fort St. John, students are safe and supported. You can live in on-campus housing or rent an apartment, while avoiding many big-city distractions. The citizens of Dawson Creek and Fort St. John are kind and helpful, making it easy for you to adjust to Canadian culture and become involved in the community. These personal and professional connections are essential for success.

The British Columbia Labour Market Outlook shows that the highest percentage of job openings in the province require a college education or trade certificate. Dawson Creek and Fort St. John boomed with the province's oil and gas, agricultural, hydroelectric, and forestry jobs. According to B.C. Business Magazine in 2020, Fort St. John and Dawson Creek were highly ranked in the best cities for work in British Columbia, which means that our graduates have excellent opportunities for employment here.

Why NLC is a great option for you

Affordable Tuition—Average Business Diploma cost/year: greater Vancouver-$17,000; Ontario-$18,000; NLC $10,980
Learning-Sized Classes of 15-34
Individualised Planning & support
Amazing Job opportunities (most of our international student are able to find their first part-time job within a few weeks of semester start)
Quality and cost of living (Average two bedroom unit cost per month: Greater Vancouver $3089, Ontario $2758. Dawson Creek & Fort St John $900)