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Carpenter - Apprenticeship

Carpentry ApprenticeshipProgram Description

Carpenters build and repair a vast array of structures made of wood, wood-substitutes and other materials. Many work for construction companies, contractors and maintenance departments while others are self-employed. Carpenter is a nationally designated trade under the Interprovincial Red Seal program. Carpenters assemble and erect forms for concrete, wood and metal frame construction and use plans and instruments to prepare for excavating and shoring. On smaller projects, they direct concrete placement, and install exterior and interior finish materials such as siding, doors, windows and cabinets.

If a student currently works as a Carpenter and has an employer who will provide on-the-job training, s/he is eligible to enroll in Apprenticeship training. An Apprenticeship is a three-party agreement between the Apprentice, the employer, and the Industry Training Authority.

Students receive training according to the provincial Apprenticeship curriculum, as established by the Industry Training Authority of British Columbia, pertinent to the Apprenticeship level in which the student is enrolled. Upon successful completion of all four levels and appropriate time in the trade, the student may be eligible to write the Inter-Provincial exam as a Carpenter.

Career Prospects

Opportunities exist in the local and regional industry for Carpenters. Above average salaries are offered, as well as, excellent working environments.


Location: Dawson Creek Campus

Length: 28 weeks

Start: Current Apprenticeship level program schedule

Fees: Current Fee Schedule 

Admission Prerequisites

Level 1
Registered Apprentice with the Industry Training Authority or proof of successful completion or related Foundation Trades Training program.
Level 2
Successful completion of Level 1 Apprenticeship Technical Training or
successful challenge of the Industry Training Authority Level 1 Placement Exam
Level 3
Successful completion of Level 2 Apprenticeship Technical Training or
successful challenge of the Industry Training Authority Level 2 Placement Exam
Level 4
Successful completion of Level 3 Apprenticeship Technical Training or
successful challenge of the Industry Training Authority Level 3 Placement Exam

Important Notes

  1. The program is not eligible for Canada Student Loans.
  2. Students must provide safety equipment, including footwear having CSA safety-toe protection and CSA safety glasses with clear lenses.
  3. The information on this program page is a summary of the official Program Completion Guide approved by NLC’s Education Council. Download a PDF of the current Program Completion Guide.

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Associate Dean: Robert McAleney 
Program Instructor: Stephen Janssen
Apprenticeship Contact: Department 


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