NLC scholarships, bursaries, and awards

At NLC, we have many different awards and grants that you can apply for to help pay for your time at school. Scholarships, bursaries and awards are non-repayable financial assistance made available to students through the Northern Lights College Foundation and the generosity of donors. They can be viewed and accessed on Astra.

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Are you a prospective NLC student looking for information on which awards you could be eligible to apply for?

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Please note: some awards are program-specific, so make sure you take a close look at those when choosing your program, as they will all have their own deadlines. Keep that in mind when applying for your selected grant or scholarship!


BC Government grants and awards

NLC has many such awards to help you pay for your education.

In addition to student loans, you can also apply for government grants, bursaries, scholarships, or awards. These do not need to be paid back and can be obtained by applying on the StudentAid BC site or through local, provincial, or country channels.

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Loans and Lines of Credit

Most banks and credit unions offer loans or lines of credit for qualified students but we do advise caution. Loans from a financial institution like a bank or credit union typically begin their repayment schedules fairly quickly after you receive money. This can be hard to pay back if you’re focusing on school full-time.

If a loan or line of credit is the route you’re taking, contact your financial institute for more information.

Student loans through StudentAid BC

StudentAid BC is your connection to Canada Student Loans, Canada Study Grants, BC Student Loans and Part-time Student Assistance Program.


NLC’s financial aid officers can help you with your StudentAid application. Simply book an appointment, email, call, or drop in.


Student Loans for non-BC Residents

Do you live in another province or country? Typically, all government student loan programs require the College to confirm enrolment as part of the student loan process. NLC’s financial aid officers can help you with confirmation requirements.

StudentAid BC Fun Facts

  • Student loans are available for part-time students
  • Grants also exist for part-time students with dependents
  • Pre-college studies (upgrading) can be funded through the Adult Upgrading Grant, including things like childcare
  • Special grants and loans exist for students with permanent disabilities
  • Funding is available for students who have received EI benefits in the last three years

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