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If you need any help, contact the IT Helpdesk at (250) 784-7566, or email We’ve also provided a number of useful articles in our knowledge base below.

For staff IT issues, please contact:

Knowledge-base articles

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Technology on campus

NLC provides access to computers on all campuses, through the libraries or in separate labs. You can also charge mobile devices in the libraries. All campuses offer wireless internet. You can get the wi-fi password from Student Services or the libraries.

Note: All programs require students to have their own computers. We recommend a Windows-based laptop. For detailed computer requirements and recommendations, please review this article.

Mobile applications

NLC has several different applications that can be downloaded from your favourite app store.


Alertus is our alert and emergency notification system. It uses audible and visual alerts via push notifications to warn the college community in the event of a lockdown situation. The Alertus Activator App allows authorized dispatchers to quickly send emergency notification alerts to faculty, staff, students, or personnel via tablets or smartphones.

Once installed, the code to activate this app is: 6521


This app provides 24/7 support for students as part of the keep.meSafe program at NLC. Students can access the program anytime, anywhere, 24/7, to connect with a Student Support Advisor who speaks your language, understands your culture, and can work with you to succeed while studying abroad or at home.

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Beyond IT, NLC has a variety of services to support our students, including learning support, child care and more. Visit our Student Services Hub for details.

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