The Academic Schedule sets the start and end dates for all semester-based programs at Northern Lights College. Non-semester based programs start and end dates are established for each intake, and are defined in the College timetables.

Academic courses are normally Fall: Sep-Dec, Winter: Jan-Apr, Spring: May-Aug.  The College also offers compressed courses in Intersession (May-Jun) and Summer session (Jul-Aug).  Further, some programs, follow a 20-week term Fall: Sep-Jan, Winter: Feb-Jun.

While Northern Lights Colleges offers courses in the Spring semester (May, June, July and/or August), Spring is not a mandatory semester of attendance and non-enrolment would not normally be considered a leave from studies.

Dates are as approved by Education Council on October 23, 2019.

Important Dates & Deadlines 
September 2023 
September 4Labour Day (College closed) 
September 5First Day of Classes Fall (Orientation) 
 Tuition and Fees Due 
September 5First Day of Classes 20-week semester 
 Tuitiion and Fees Due 
September 17End of Add/Drop Period 20-week semester 
September 18End of Add/Drop Period Fall 
September 30National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (College closed) 
October 2023 
October 9Thanksgiving Day (College closed) 
October 31Last day to withdraw Fall 
November 2023  
November 8Last day to withdraw 20-week semester 
November 11Remembrance Day (College closed) 
December 2023  
December 2Last Day of classes Fall 
December 4Final exams start Fall 
December 14Final exams end Fall 
December 25Christmas Day (College closed) 
December 26Boxing Day (College closed) 
December 27- 31Christmas Period (College closed)
January 2024  
January 1New Year’s Day (College closed) 
January 2First Day of Classes Winter (Orientation) 
 Tuition and Fees Due 
January 15End of Add/Drop Period Winter 
 Withdrawals refunded at 85% to the last day of Add/Drop Period 
 After Add/Drop Period, no refund issued for withdrawals. 
January 26Last Day of Classes 20-week semester 
February 2024  
February 5First day of classes 20-week semester 
 Tuition and Fees Due 
February 19-24Reading Break 
February 19Family Day (College closed) 
February 20End of Add/Drop Period 20-week semester 
February 27Last Day to Withdraw without academic penalty (no refund) 
March 2024  
March 29Good Friday (College closed) 
March 30Easter (non-instructional) 
March 31Easter (College closed) 
April 2024  
April 1Easter Monday (College closed) 
April 8Last Day of Classes Winter 
April 10Final exams start Winter 
April 15Last Day to withdraw 20-week semester  
April 20Final exams end Winter 
April 29First Day of Spring & Intersession Classes (Orientation) 
 Tuition and Fees Due 
May 2024  
May 6End of Add/Drop Period Intersession 
May 13End of Add/Drop Period Spring 
May 20Victoria Day (College closed) 
May 27Last Day to withdraw Intersession 
June 2024  
June 15Last Day of Classes Intersession 
June 17Final exams start Intersession 
June 21Final exams end Intersession 
June 24Last Day to withdraw Spring 
June 24Last Day of classes 20-week semester 
July 2024  
July 1Canada Day (College closed) 
July 2First Day of Classes Summer 
 Tuition and Fees Due 
July 8End of Add/Drop Period Summer 
July 27Last Day of Classes Spring 
July 30Final exams start Spring 
July 30Last Day to Withdraw Summer 
August 2024  
August 5B.C. Day (College closed) 
August 10Final exams end Spring 
August 19Last Day of classes Summer 
August 21Final exams start Summer 
August 26Final exams end Summer