Mission statement

The Northern Lights College Foundation is an organization dedicated to helping our students embark on their lifelong journey of learning. We create and build relationships with our donors — which in turn, creates unique opportunities for our students, college, and community.


Foundation objectives

Formed in 1981, the Northern Lights College Foundation has four main objectives:

  • To support community projects and the promotion of higher education.
  • To foster community interest in promoting higher education and training.
  • To act as a recipient of trust funds in the form of monies or other properties.
  • To grant monies to Northern Lights College for the designated use of scholarships and bursaries to be awarded to students.

Exterior view of NLC Campus

Awards made easy with Astra

In December 2022, the NLC Foundation launched our virtual award application platform, “Astra”. The platform introduced revolutionary convenience and streamlined processes for both students and NLC staff! Astra auto-matches applicants to all awards fitting eligibility. Previously, our students had to read through the Foundation’s 200+ awards to determine which awards they were eligible to apply for and complete paper applications for each of those awards. Following the award application deadline, the Financial Aid and NLC Foundation teams collaborated to adjudicate and award students each award cycle, reading through every paper application — a lengthy process, which would delay deserving students from life-changing financial support!

How to apply:

  1. Log into myapps.nlc.bc.ca (or replace steps one and two by clicking here).
  2. Select the ASTRA icon.
  3. Choose “Application” on the left-hand side.
  4. Complete application.
    *Please note — regarding the progress bar on the left-hand side — “In progress” means you have NOT completed all questions in that section. “Complete” means you can move on to the next section.
  5. Submit application.
  6. On your dashboard, scroll down and select the awards that show “complete follow up,” complete the additional steps, then click “submit.”

Helpful notes:

  • All answers are autosaved, so you can come back any time before the award deadline and complete the application.
  • We recommend saving your letter in another program — Word, Notepad, etc, to simplify applications! You can copy and paste your letter into each application it is needed. Be sure to review the letter criteria and edit your letter (if required) to meet all criteria.
  • Prospective students — complete steps 3-6 after registering by using the link below.

If you have any questions, please contact the Foundation at foundation@nlc.bc.ca (call 250-782-5251 ext. 1022) or Financial Aid at finaid@nlc.bc.ca.

Prospective NLC students

Are you a prospective NLC student looking for information on which awards you could be eligible to apply for? Visit Astra’s Prospective Students Site to register!

Follow steps 3-6 above after registering to apply. If you require assistance with registration, navigating Astra, or are looking for additional financial assistance, please contact a Financial Aid Officer at finaid@nlc.bc.ca.

Ways to give

The NLC Foundation values donations that promote the success of students and the College. We have many opportunities for donors in a variety of different donation types. Our donors can contribute by way of One-Time Awards, Annual Awards, Endowment Awards, and Gifts-In-Kind.

One-Time Award (Minimum contribution of $100) – A one-time donor’s contribution would be awarded once.

Annual Award (Minimum contribution of $100) – Annual donors make a contribution once a year in support of a specific interest at Northern Lights College.

Endowment Award (Minimum contribution of $2,500) – Endowment donors make a gift of capital, which is held in trust, and the return rate (currently 4%*) from the capital donation affords an annual award in perpetuity.

Gifts-in-Kind – Gifts-in-Kind donors contribute equipment, materials, and services to any program at Northern Lights College.

All donations are gratefully acknowledged.

Registered charity #11905 9996 RR0001

*Rate subject to change. Please contact the NLC Foundation to discuss the current applicable rate of return on Endowment donations.

Meet our team

Lindsey Borek

Executive Director

Billie-Jo Crandall

Donations Coordinator

Amanda Aven

Communication and Event Specialist

Kayla Von Bargen

Foundation Clerk

NLC Foundation Board

Interested in serving on the NLC Foundation Board?

Members serving the board of the NLC Foundation meet bi-monthly (September through May) to discuss policies and projects. Under the scope of the NLC Foundation, the Board’s feedback and suggestions help the NLC Foundation meet the pillars of our strategic plan and succeed in supporting NLC, the institution’s community, and our students. Meetings are typically held on Campus, with a virtual attendance option when members are unable to attend in person. Board members are kept up to date and often invited to attend (under no obligation) various events and activities at NLC’s campuses! If you would like to discuss an interest in serving on the NLC Foundation’s Board, please contact us at foundation@nlc.bc.ca or 250-782-5251 ext. 1022. We look forward to connecting with you!

Directors and administrators

The Foundation will always have a minimum of seven and maximum of 13 directors. The College provides administrative support to ensure the full amount of all donations goes directly to the purpose designated by you, the donor.


Current directors

Tony Zabinsky

Chair (Joined 04/2016)

Lou Surerus

Vice-Chair (Joined 11/2009)

Todd Bondaroff

NLC President and CEO (Joined 01/2022)

Kristen Ghostkeeper

Ex-Officio NLC Board Representative (Joined 03/2024)

Kayla MacDonald

Board Member (Joined 09/2021)

Chante Patterson-Elden

Board Member (Joined 09/2022)

Shawna-Marie Philips

Board Member (Joined 05/2015)

Aaron Powell

Board Member (Joined 09/2022)

Jody Schmidt

Board Member (Joined 05/2022)

Lisa Ward

Board Member (Joined 09/2020)

Dustin Sterliing

Board Member (Joined 03/2024)

Katelyn Vandersteen

Board Member (Joined 03/2024)


Stay informed and connected with the heart of our community by subscribing to the “Philanthropic Times.” Our newsletter offers a window into the core activities of the NLC Foundation, showcasing the powerful impact of collective generosity. Gain deeper insights into our initiatives, celebrate the stories of change-makers, and discover ways you can contribute to our mission. The “Philanthropic Times” is more than a newsletter—it’s a testament to the spirit of giving that propels us forward.