Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Programs

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer ensures the airworthiness of an aircraft, whether it is a fixed-wing airplane or a helicopter. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers identify problems and repair and overhaul aircraft structural, mechanical and electrical systems. 

Federal law requires aircraft to be certified before flight at regular intervals and after maintenance. Refer to the Transport Canada website for detailed license information.

Northern Lights College offers Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in the Aerospace Centre of Excellence, located on the Dawson Creek Campus.


NLC offers two types of AME training:


Basic Training 

NLC’s 15-month Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) program is designed to train individuals wanting to work in the aerospace industry. Graduates receive the full training component and 1.5 years of the four-year experience component required for an AME licence, category M1 or M2. An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is also an Apprentice level trade. 


Watch a video outlining the program here.


Type Training 

Field Maintenance courses for specific types of helicopter airframes and engines that are Transport Canada approved and meet the training required by regulation prior to exercising the privileges of the AME licence to certify maintenance completed on Canadian registered, turbine powered helicopters. NLC’s Type training program has attracted students from around the world looking to upgrade their certification.