Chetwynd Campus

The District of Chetwynd is located in the beautiful foothills of the Rocky Mountains, approximately an hour west of Dawson Creek, and three hours north of Prince George. Chetwynd has a population of 3,100 and serves a drawing area of about 7,000 residents.

Chetwynd came into existence during construction through the Rocky Mountains in the 1950s, and was used as a shipping point during the construction of hydroelectric dams in the 1960s and 1970s. Once known as Little Prairie, the community adopted its current name in honour of provincial politician Ralph L.T. Chetwynd in 1962.

NLC’s Chetwynd Campus supports full- and part-time students in programs such as Career and College Preparation, University Arts and Sciences, Trades and Apprenticeship, and Workforce Training/Continuing Education.

Many of these programs have been designed for the regional job market or to provide residents with the foundation they need to continue their post-secondary education.

The Chetwynd Campus features a dedicated group of staff members, committed to helping learners achieve their goals. Opportunities exist for in-class learning in a number of areas, as well as distance education for access to programs offered at other locations.

Campus services available to students include Aboriginal Advisor services, bookstore, day care, computer/Internet access, financial aid, and recruiting. Library services are available through the Dawson Creek Campus library.