How to Apply

Award applications open two (2) months before the award deadline. Don't submit your application before it opens, as it will not be considered.

How to apply

STEP 1 - Determine the awards you are eligible to apply for.

  • Check out the General Awards Booklet or explore the General Awards Catalog to find awards you're interested in.
  • To view the details of an award in the catalog, click the magnifying glass on the left side of the award. Details include instructions on how to apply, eligibility, deadlines, and form to use.
  • The awards catalog may be sorted by clicking the column heading at the top of each column. For example, to sort by Application Deadline, click on Application Deadline.
  •  “Region-wide” awards indicate awards that are available to students studying at any NLC campus.
  • “Continuous” application deadline awards indicate awards that may be applied for at any time.

STEP 2 - Complete one application per award.

  • Fill out the award application form for each award you want to apply for. You need to do a separate application form for every award. Application forms can be found on each award page by visiting Student Awards and Grants or our Forms page.
  • For awards with financial need as a criterion, complete the budget form as accurately as possible.
  • Confirm your application forms are completed in full. Remember to include your student ID number, Social Insurance Number (SIN), and signature.
  • Make sure to attach any essays, letters, and/or documentation required with each application.

STEP 3 - Submit your completed applications to the Financial Aid Office by emailing to


Simplifying the Application Process

  • You can download one General Award Application Form and fill it out digitally. Leave the award name and award code blank.
  • Once you've filled out the form, use "Save As" to make multiple copies for yourself.
  • On each copy, enter the award name and award code that you want to apply for, and save. You'll need to submit one application per award and must ensure you meet the criteria for each award you're applying for.
  • Email your application to, attaching any essays, letters, and/or documentation required for each award.