Dual Credit Programs

We have established partnerships with School Districts 59, 60, and 81 in northeastern British Columbia, as well as with Northern Opportunities, to offer Dual Credit programming with options to qualified secondary school students.

Dual Credit programming allows students in grades 11 and 12 to gain credits towards secondary school graduation while also earning credit for post-secondary courses, vocational programs, or a trade or apprenticeship program.

Programs may be available in full-time format (where a student attends NLC full time for up to a year), or part-time (where a student may take one or two courses per semester).

How much does this cost?

Each participating School District has an agreement with Northern Lights College regarding the payment of tuition fees for Dual Credit programs. Students are responsible for student fees and instruction-related fees. For details, check with your secondary school counselor.

How do I apply?

  • Meet with your secondary school counselor and ensure that you will have completed the requirements before the program starts, and your high school timetable will accommodate dual credit.  Your counselor will provide the application package to you.
  • Fill out the application package and return it to your secondary school counsellor. This includes:
    - Signing the Letter of Understanding and other school district forms (have your parent or guardian sign as well)
    - Completing NLC Application forms
    - Submit any additional documents required by your program.

Where are the programs offered?

Individual Dual Credit programs are offered at specific NLC campuses or  online

Can I stay on campus?

Student Housing space at NLC is available at the Dawson Creek and Fort St. John campuses. Please note that minimum age for living in Residence is 17 years.

Still have questions?

Contact Admissions: Call 1-866-463-6652 or email dualcredit@nlc.bc.ca

A note about requirements

Applicants that are seeking admission to an NLC program must meet all Admission Prerequisites, including Post-Admission requirements, as stated on the NLC website.

Dual credit applicants intending to enroll in any undergraduate courses are required to meet the following admission requirements:

  • A Language Arts 11 with a B or higher; or
  • A Language Arts 12 with a B or higher; or
  • A Language Arts 12 with an interim grade of B (73%) or higher providing the course is completed prior to the first day of the NLC course.

In addition, each student is required to meet the course prerequisites as stated on the NLC website. Students with the prerequisite course(s) in progress are permitted to enroll providing they have an interim grade of B (73%) or better in the prerequisite course(s) prior to registration.

This requirement applies to all undergraduate courses (numbered 100-199).


Dual credit is offered in the following programs:

Trades Programs
Aircraft Mechanic Basics Certificate
Automotive Service Technician Foundation Certificate
Electrician Foundation Trades Certificate
Enhanced Carpentry Foundation Certificate
Esthetician Certificate
Hairstylist Foundation Certificate
Heavy Mechanical Trades Foundation Certificate
Millwright Foundation Certificate
Piping Trades Foundation Certificate
Power Engineering (4th Class) Certificate
Professional ​Cook 1 Institutional Entry Certificate
Welder Foundation Certificate
Wind Turbine Maintenance Technician Advanced Certificate

Apprenticeship Programs
Automotive Service Technician Apprenticeship
Carpenter Apprenticeship
Electrician Apprenticeship
Heavy Mechanical Trades Apprenticeship
Millwright Apprenticeship
Welder Apprenticeship

Academic and vocational programs (full-time only)
Applied Business Technology Certificate
Business Management Certificate
Early Childhood Education and Care Diploma
Education Assistant Certificate
Health Care Assistant Certificate

Undergraduate courses (part-time only)
CPSC 101 - Introduction to Computing
ENGL 110 – Introduction to Workplace Communications
MGMT 104 - Principles of Management
MGMT 107 – Fundamentals of Marketing
MGMT 150 - Business Mathematics
ECON 101 – Principles of Economics (Micro)
ECON 105 - Principles of Economics
MGMT 103 - Foundations in Financial Accounting Level 1
MGMT 120 – Financial Accounting
ENGL 100 - Academic Writing
FNST 100 - Aboriginal Peoples of Canada
FNST 102 – Treaties and Aboriginal Rights
MGMT 111 - Finite Mathematics
PHIL 110 – Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking
POLI 100 - Politics and Government
POLI 101 - The Government of Canada
PSYC 224 – Organizational Behavior
HDEC 100 – Essential Skills for Human Service Workers*
HDEC 102 - Health, Safety and Nutrition*
EDAS 141A - Education Assistant Foundations
EDAS 145 – Social Foundations of Special Education*


* Additional requirements apply