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Aboriginal student successes celebrated at awards celebration

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“These funds helped cover program costs and assisted with some living expenses,” said executive director of the NLC Foundation Donna Kane, “Without these awards, many of our students would not have been able to complete their program.”
Several of the students wrote letters of thanks for the support. “I am a father of three children, with one on the way,” wrote Robert Barrett, one of the award winners. “My dream was to have a trade and an opportunity, which was given to me and I seized it.”
“Without the bursaries I would have been stressed from worrying about my family’s well-being and might not have considered my trade.”
Another student was also thankful for the help the awards provided. “I thank the companies very much for helping me continue with my trade, for me and my daughter,” wrote Phillip Strickland. “It will help me to provide a better life for us in the future.”
The third student wrote about his plans to travel north and work in Yellowknife. “This bursary will help me on my first step into my career as a welder, with the necessary tools, gloves and boots for the job I will be doing,” wrote Christopher Needlay.
The BC Hydro Awards and TransCanada Awards are available through the NLC Foundation. The NLC Foundation awarded more than $500,000 to students in the 2014-15 academic year. To learn more about the NLC Foundation and upcoming awards, visit online at