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Apprenticeship Recognition Month

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Myles Sluggett always knew he wanted to go into the mechanical trades. 

“It’s been a family trade,” he said. His uncles and grandfathers were all involved in heavy mechanics, so it was only natural that he’d follow in their footsteps. 

November is Apprenticeship Recognition Month in BC, and trades students at Northern Lights College (NLC) were asked to share what they loved about their chosen trade for a chance to win a prize. 

A first year foundation student, Myles started off working in his grandfather’s shop at 16, where in between his tasks around the shop, he’d watch the mechanics work, overhauling engines and transmissions. He found it fascinating. 

“Seeing a truck haul 80,000 pounds, or an excavator picking up tons of dirt made me wonder how a giant hunk of iron, rubber, and oil can accomplish these tasks,” he wrote. “The complexity of the inner workings of these machines is what makes me love this trade.” 

Myles’ story was chosen as the winner of the essay contest, and he was presented with his prize at the heavy duty mechanics shop at the NLC South Peace Campus on Nov. 25. 

Leo Manning, dean of trades and apprenticeships at NLC, was pleased by the enthusiasm Myles and his classmates displayed. 

“Nothing is more rewarding than seeing the look of success on students’ faces, when they succeed in their goals—and being able to facilitate that at NLC is very rewarding,” he said. 

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