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British Columbia celebrates International Education Week

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“Through international education, students, educators and ideas flow between countries, giving us all the opportunity to share important ideas, build lifelong friendships and experience diverse cultures.
“Students from all over the world come to B.C. to take advantage of our world-class education system, enjoy our province’s beautiful natural surroundings, welcoming and inclusive communities and extensive extracurricular activities. Studying in B.C. opens doors for students’ futures and can offer them life-changing experiences, including the opportunity for some to contribute their skills and talent to the labour market.
“Having international students in B.C.’s schools and institutions also benefits local students by introducing them to new cultures and ideas, giving them global awareness and an appreciation for diversity. Including students from other countries in our classrooms helps all students develop strong communication, collaboration and interpersonal skills, and inspires mutual respect for people and countries.
“B.C. students can also benefit from our strong international education partnerships by taking opportunities to study and work abroad through exchange programs. These experiences give students a chance to engage with the world and develop skills that are increasingly important today and in the economy of the future.
“International Education Week is a great chance for British Columbians to learn about the benefits of international education, and to embrace the opportunities of international and intercultural learning.”


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