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Career and College Preparation Bursary Award announced for Fall

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In the 2013-15 academic years, CCP student numbers have remained relatively low across NLC’s five campus regions and three access centres with less than 200 students enrolled over a two year span.

However, by introducing the Northern Lights College Career and College Preparation Bursary Fund Award that will cover 100 per cent of books and 75 per cent of program costs, NLC continues its commitment to making high quality adult upgrading accessible to the public.

“These bursaries will be available to CCP students who have exhausted all other sources of funding for the September 2015 start,” said Donna Kane, NLCF executive director. “The students can be either full- or part-time, and would not be eligible for an Adult Upgrading Grant [formerly known as ABESAP].”

Adult upgrading courses are important for many adults transitioning to post-secondary education, training, and the workforce.   

Since January 2015, public post-secondary institutions were given the option to charge tuition to keep adult upgrading courses sustainable and equitable. Northern Lights College (NLC) will implement fees applicable to students taking between one to four courses per semester as of September 1, 2015.

For information on NLC’s CCP tuition and fees, visit:

For specific details on the CCP Bursary award and how to apply, visit the NLCF online at:

For more information on the Adult Upgrading Grant available through Student Aid BC visit: