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Dawson Creek students earn more than $29,000 in awards

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Chris Huisman 

Chris Huisman received the Daryl Becotte Memorial Award from Doug Becotte. 

Pamela Bennett

Pamela Bennett received the Duncan MacRae Endowment Fund Award from Billie-Jo Crandall.

DAWSON CREEK – More than $29,000 in awards, scholarships and bursaries were presented to Northern Lights College students on April 15.

The awards were presented to students enrolled at NLC’s Dawson Creek and South Peace campuses during the annual awards ceremonies held in the gymnasium at the Dawson Creek Campus. More than 50 students received awards for 2013-14.

Many of the awards are memorial awards, while other awards are sponsored by community groups, businesses, and individuals. The awards are administered by the NLC Foundation.

For more information on the NLC Foundation, check the NLC website at or contact Donna Kane at 250-784-7613 or email

Award recipients were: 

·   Holly Chmelyk (CanWest Global Communications Bursary; CanWest Global Communications Scholarship; Harry Moran Memorial Scholarship; William and Mary Wanka Visual Arts Award)

·   Chris Huisman (BC Rail Scholarship; Daryl Becotte Memorial Award; Eileen McKone Memorial Award; Erich W. Lehmann Memorial Award)

·   Natalia El Namer (Conoco Phillips Canada Ltd. Award – Aboriginal; Kinsmen Club of Dawson Creek Award; Rotaract Club of Dawson Creek Award)

·   Donovan Haycock (Bryce Allen Memorial Residential Construction Award; Talisman Residential Construction Award; W.H. (Bill) Coe Memorial Residential Construction Award)

·   Raz Petrick (Bryce Allen Memorial Residential Construction Award; Northern Mixedwood Award; W.H. (Bill) Coe Memorial Residential Construction Award)

·   Jessica Whitford (Dawson Coop Staff Award; Devon Canada Corporation Aboriginal Award; Kora-Lee Morin Memorial Award)

·   Michelle Magnuson (Dawson Creek Campus Staff Award; Laurie Markling Nursing Award; Ingledow Bursary Fund Award)

·   Rene Rennie (Cook Training Bursary; Northern Health FOODSAFE Council Award)

Ashley Vig

Ashley Vig received the Credit Union Foundation
of BC Lucille Sutherland Award from Kelly Longley.

·   Ashley Vig (Credit Union Foundation of BC Lucille Sutherland Award; George T. and Myrtle Cunningham Fund Award)

·   Calvin Harke (John Robert Belyea and Joan Elsie Belyea Fund Award; NLC Achievement Award)

·   Juliet Moyer (Mile Zero Shrine Club Award; South Peace Community Resources Award)

·   Janine Napoleon (NLC Student Association and Council Award; Talisman Career and College Preparation Award – Aboriginal)

·   David Hill (Gus Keilbart Memorial Award; NLC Student Association and Council Award)

·   Luke Larsen (Dawson Creek Campus Staff Award; Jamie Lukan Memorial Award)

·   Tamara Martin (Peace River District Women’s Institute Award; Northern Institute for Resource Studies Award)

Tamara Martin received the Peace River Women’s
Institute Award from Joan Clarke.

·   Ashley Allen (Alma Van Dusen Fund Award)

·   Angela Dokken (Alma Van Dusen Fund Award)

·   Lindsay Mitchell (Alma Van Dusen Fund Award)

·   Megan Seymour (Alma Van Dusen Fund Award)

·   Heather Berkinshaw (Alma Van Dusen Fund Award)

·   Miranda Okoktok (Alma Van Dusen Fund Award)

·   Christopher Fletcher (AltaGas Wind Turbine Maintenance Technician Bursary)

·   Jared Cupples (AltaGas Wind Turbine Maintenance Technician Bursary)

·   Dominique Goineau (AltaGas Wind Turbine Maintenance Technician Bursary)

·   Lee Romonyshen (Canadian Forest Products Award)

·   Leah Phillips (Dawson Coop Career and College Preparation Award)

·   Ashley Simon (Dawson Creek Daily News Award)

·   Sasha Thomas (Dawson Creek Lions Club Award – Fred Flavelle Memorial)

·   Marian Ireland (Dawson Creek Lions Club Award – Rod Roberts Memorial)

·   Bianca Healey (Dawson Creek Society for Community Living Practicum Award)

·   Colton Roy (Duane Sunderman Memorial Award)

·   Pamela Bennett (Duncan MacRae Endowment Fund Award)

·   Lana Wolf (Jim Kassen Legacy Fund Award)

·   Rodger Browning (Kin Club of Dawson Creek Award)

·   Sarah Merlin (Larry Pollard Memorial Award)

·   Adrianna Zajaczkowski (NLC 25/35 Anniversary Achievement Award)

·   Rylan Battensby (NLC Achievement Award)

·   Darren Gladue, (NLC Achievement Award)

·   Roy Whitford (NLC Achievement Award)

Austen Thompson

Austen Thompson received the Northern BC
Truckers Association Award from Dennis Felhauer.

·   Austen Thompson (Northern BC Truckers Association Dawson Creek Award)

·   Jessie Broeders (Peace Masonic Lodge Award)

·   Frank Beaulieu (Talisman Residential Construction Award – Aboriginal)

·   Mackenzie Benty (The Lord Strathcona Fund Award)

·   Haley Braaten (The Lord Strathcona Fund Award)

·   Cheyenne Ranero (The Lord Strathcona Fund Award)

·   Esther Bejarano (The Lord Strathcona Fund Award)

·   Jayme Suchy (The Lord Strathcona Fund Award)

·   Darin Olson (Talisman Welding Award)

·   Tim Hans (Strad Energy Services Award)

·   Candace Fowlow (NLC Esthetics and Nail Care Technology Award)

·   Geoffery Poulin (Morris Bahm Memorial Award – Aircraft Maintenance Engineering)

·   Tatlyana Mitchell (Dawson Creek Society for Community Living Award)