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Generosity of student council members benefits the student body

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“This was a wise way to invest our student association dollars because the ministry matched our funds,” said James Jones, NLCSA executive member from the Dawson Creek Campus.

“NLC’s student body receives tremendous benefits from this small contribution. Students who may experience sudden unfortunate circumstances can apply for this bursary and don’t have to worry about unforeseen financial expenses, allowing them to focus on their academic and personal lives,” Jones added.

Honorariums are paid to NLCSA executive members for attending each student association meeting. The total amount the NLCSA members contributed was $2,000, an amount that will be matched by the Ministry of Advanced Education.

“It was so wonderful to learn of this,” said Donna Kane, executive director of the NLC Foundation, the body responsible for administering the Student Society Emergency Aid Fund. “Students face many challenges while completing their education, not the least of which is financial. To see students take on the role of donor while still in school is an extremely generous act, both in dollar value as well as in spirit.”