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New year: Get trained for the top 60 high-demand occupations

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A good starting point is the 2022 Labour Market Outlook that lists the top 60 high-demand occupations the provincial economy needs to grow. From administrative assistants to heavy equipment mechanics to accountants – this list has the latest in-demand employment opportunities to meet a variety of work interests.

The best place to get the skills needed for in-demand jobs is at a B.C. post-secondary institution. For individuals interested in the trades, the online Trades Training Seat Finder instantly shows where available spaces are located. This means students can get training faster and start work in a rewarding career.


The BC Access Grant provides eligible students with funds for relocation and tools, as well as funds to reduce provincial student loans and supplement StudentAid BC funding to help them cover the full cost of their education.

Whether someone is looking to choose their first career or make a new year change, the 2022 Labour Market Outlook, student aid funding, and new supports such as the online Trades Training Seat Finder and the expanded BC Access Grant, are must-have resources for all British Columbians.

Why It Matters:
• By 2022, there are expected to be one million job openings in B.C.
• 68% of job openings are expected due to retirements. The remaining 32% as a result of
economic growth. Retirements are driving job openings across all occupations while
economic growth is boosting openings in occupations like skilled trades.
• More than 78% of jobs will require some form of post-secondary education, and 44% of job openings will be in the skilled trades and technical occupations.

Minister of Advanced Education Andrew Wilkinson –
“Many people will start thinking about upgrading their skills or even a new career with the arrival of the new year. There is a lot of information now available to help students access training that employers want, get information on high-demand occupations and see what career is their best fit.”

Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training and Minister Responsible for Labour Shirley
Bond –
“This is a great time of year to look ahead and set new goals. If that means landing a new job or moving up in your current position, a good starting point is B.C.’s 2022 Labour Market Outlook, which lists 60 in-demand jobs of the future. We will need workers with the right skills to meet industry needs. Through B.C.’s Skills for Jobs Blueprint we are helping more British Columbians get the skills they need so they’re first in line for these jobs.”

Listen to an audio clip of Advanced Education Minister Andrew Wilkinson:

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