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NLC aircraft maintenance program reaches new heights with jet donation

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Students in the aircraft maintenance program at NLC are soaring after a jet plane was recently added to the program’s fleet.

The Westwind plane was donated by Montreal-based Top Aces, which provides advanced training to the world’s air forces.
“We are thrilled to hand off this magnificent aircraft to Northern Lights College so that it can help young technicians become masters of their craft.” said Paul Bouchard, Top Aces CEO and president. “Working in the adversary air training industry has some extraordinary benefits to it and being a part of this initiative has certainly been one of them. We wish the students at Northern Lights College the best of luck.”

Top Aces purchased the plane in 2008 and since then has flown 2,850 hours to train service members of the Canadian Armed Forces, the United States Air Force and the United States Navy.

“This Westwind 1124 is the first jet-engine-powered, high-altitude, pressurized airplane in the college’s fleet,” said Leo Manning, associate dean of the aircraft maintenance program. “It opens up exciting new training opportunities for our students and enhances the overall program experience of our students.”

The new plane will allow students to get hands-on experience with an actual jet engine for the first time in the program’s history.

“Industry partners are integral to our ability to provide hands-on training and set our students up for success in the labour market. We are extremely thankful to Top Aces for making this investment in NLC students,” said M. Bryn Kulmatycki, president and CEO of Northern Lights College.