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NLC Community Giving Fund gives back

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As a way to continue giving back to our community, the Northern Lights College Foundation has created a new fund. The NLC Community Giving Fund allows your thoughtful contributions to make a tangible impact in our communities. This fund was developed to support various organizations within our service areas, ensuring donations are directed toward local charities and non-profits. 

Within our college community, a dedicated effort was made to formulate a strategic plan that aligns with our values, and one of the key pillars identified in this plan is Community Connections. At NLC, we firmly believe in our role as a community hub, emphasizing our commitment to giving back to our community, particularly to those in need. 

This year, owing to the generous contributions from both staff and the wider community, the Foundation purchased $750 in gift certificates from the NLC Salon and Spa to be donated to local organizations. The benefit is two-fold; our students will gain hands-on experience, while community members in need will receive considerate care gifts.  

In January, the NLC Salon and Spa shifts into a fully operational business, offering appointments to community members. This not only allows our students to showcase their skills but also provides them with insights into the business side of their trade. 

Tyrone and Tara from Nawican Friendship Centre accept gift certificates for Mizpah house from the Salon and Spa staff
and NLC Foundation Board

The NLC Community Giving Fund donated $250 in gift certificates each to Networks Ministries, Nawican Friendship Centre, and Mizpah Transition House. These organizations can distribute the certificates to individuals who can utilize them at the hair salon or spa, thereby receiving much-needed care during challenging times. 

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