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NLC president announces his retirement

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With mixed emotions, NLC’s President and CEO Dr. M. Bryn Kulmatycki has announced his retirement. 

For almost seven years, Bryn has exemplified NLC’s values in his position as college president—the culmination of a distinguished career in educational administration. Under his leadership, NLC has grown in terms of size and reputation. As a Northerner himself, Bryn has often been heard to remark on his pride in NLC’s growing role in the region generally and in the post-secondary sector, in particular.

Recently, Bryn had temporarily stepped away from his duties to tend to some immediate health issues, and all our best wishes went with him on that leave. After some time for reflection and discussion with his family, however, Bryn has decided that this new, more relaxed lifestyle—focused on family and personal wellbeing—should become permanent, and so he has announced his retirement from NLC.

The Board of Governors has appointed Todd Bondaroff as Acting President during Bryn’s medical leave, and we are grateful that he will continue to provide leadership to the College.

Certainly, all will agree that Bryn has more than earned this transition into retirement, and together we wish him a very happy and healthy retirement.