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Our Northern Lights: Bryce Brown

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AMT student Bryce Brown stands next to a helicopter in the AMT hangar

Our Northern Lights is a platform that showcases our people, their stories, and celebrates their achievements. We hope that their journey will inspire others to pursue their dreams and make a difference in the world.

Bryce Brown was the top student for the Feb 2024 Aircraft Maintenance Technician program completion. Bryce excelled in both the theory and practical components of this demanding program that requires 95% attendance just to keep your seat. He even won the exclusive Nathan Smith Award worth $1,000 which is awarded to a student that must be a graduate of the Aircraft Maintenance Technician Program, have a GPA of at least 3.67, and must demonstrate an interest in pursuing a career in helicopter maintenance.

Read on to learn more about Bryce:

Tell us a little about yourself:

I’m originally from New Brunswick. I traveled around Canada for a number of years and ended up moving to BC a couple of years ago and started the program in Vernon and now I’m here.

Had you been in a helicopter before starting the program?

Not really. I spent some time down in Australia and that got me a bit of exposure to helicopters, but other than that it’s just this program that’s piqued my interest in helicopters.

 What was a program highlight for you?

My favourite part, I would say, is term four. It’s definitely a highlight of the program. Just being able to get out of the classroom and really get that hands-on experience. And getting into the facility up here is definitely a highlight of the program. Executing all the theory and stuff you’ve learned in the previous semesters, actually putting that to work, has probably been the most satisfying.

Do you have a favourite machine that you worked on?

Ooh, probably the A Star. Doing a turbine engine change and inspection on that was probably my favourite project this semester.

If you were talking to a student who was interested in this program, what words of wisdom would you offer?

Coming into it, there’s a big learning curve. Any mechanical aptitude is definitely an asset and in this program you have to manage your time. It’s a time-critical program so it really helps you develop your time management. So I’d say, just keep on top pf your scheduling and know where you’re at and you’ll do just fine.

Was there anything that surprised you about the program?

I had a decent idea of what to expect, but I would say coming up here and just seeing the facility and the actual number of aircraft you have up here and the condition they’re in is definitely overall a pleasant surprise.

What’s next for you?

I’m moving down to Prince George where I got a job with Yellowhead Helicopters and I will be doing my apprenticeship with them.