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Our Northern Lights: Wyatt Werner

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Our Northern Lights is a platform that showcases our people, their stories, and celebrates their achievements. We hope that their journey will inspire others to pursue their dreams and make a difference in the world.

If you’re trying to track down Wyatt Werner, just head to the gelato machine—whether it’s the one in the campus training kitchen or his own setup in the dorms. At only 17 and in his first year of Professional Cook Training as a dual credit student, Wyatt has a knack for whipping up some seriously tasty gelato in flavors that’ll make your taste buds do a happy dance. 

Wyatt practically grew up in the kitchen, so diving into dual credit cook training was a breeze for him. He has wonderful memories of cooking up chicken parm with his grandma that he still cherishes. 

Now, Wyatt’s cooking game is so strong that he’s teaming up with a publisher to drop a cookbook. It’s not just about his killer gelato; he’s throwing in other cool frozen goodies like ice cream cake and profiteroles. Keep an eye out for that tasty book in the spring! 

Keep reading to learn some fun facts about Wyatt: 

So Wyatt, what do you do when you should be studying? 

I make a lot of gelato. It’s exciting, I got a little fancy machine, a smaller one I can use at home.  

Do you have three words you could use to describe your experience at NLC? 

Educative. Supportive. Fun 

What’s your favourite thing to eat at the cafeteria? 

The poutine with everything on it. 

Okay, what’s everything? 

Onions, cucumbers, bang-bang sauce, garlic aioli, gravy and cheese. 

I didn’t know that was on the menu! 

I don’t think it is.  

What would you tell another student who was thinking about doing the dual credit program? 

Definitely do it. If you’re in high school, definitely take the dual credit program. Get in an extra year early but make sure you do the online work you’re assigned. If you fall behind your teacher won’t be impressed.  

Tell me how you discovered your love for making gelato? 

We needed to make a random desert and I wanted to try out the machine. And then I kept trying the machine and I started to really like it and just kept making a lot of it.  

What’s the most exciting flavour you’ve created? 

The mojito one from yesterday was definitely really good, but the salted caramel one was really good as well…so was the strawberry lemonade.  

What’s next for you? What are you planning on doing after you complete the program? 

I’ll come back for the second level. I would eventually like to open a gelato shop or at least a gelato truck!