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Pat’s Auto Supply donates alternate alternators

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The NLC Heavy Duty Mechanical Trades and Automotive Service Technician programs received a donation of some much-needed equipment last week.

Kevin “Spike” Heath, the HDMT foundation instructor, accepted 16 brand new alternators from Pat’s Auto Supply and Wilson Auto Electric.

“We’re just thrilled,” he said. “It’s something that’s going to last us a long time.”

Spike said the programs have long used old alternators from auto wreckers but that they’re often too damaged to be rebuilt—meaning that students can’t use them to practise this vital skill, after all.

So, this year Spike reached out to Dave Larden of Pat’s Auto Supply in Dawson Creek. There was a little extra money in the budget, and he wanted to see what sort of price he could get.

Dave took that request and came back with a generous donation of 16 brand new, still-in-the-box alternators.

“We’re deeply invested in the apprenticeship program,” said Dave.  As more of the current people in the heavy duty and automotive sector get older, the industry is going to need the younger generations to take over.

“Whatever you have in your home, it came [here] on the back of a truck. A lot of us guys in the trade are getting grey, and guess what? Those trucks have still got to roll because there’s still going to be consumer needs. People got to fix those trucks,” he said, encouraging young people who are interested in getting into mechanical trades.

Dean of Trades and Apprenticeships Leo Manning was pleased to see such support from the industry and the community.

“It increases the opportunities for our students to see the results of their work” and will benefit not only this group of students, but those in the years to come as well.