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Piping projects go where no Instrumentation students have gone before

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FORT ST. JOHN – Students in the Industrial Instrumentation Foundation Trades program at the Fort St. John Campus of Northern Lights College showed their creativity during a recent piping project.

Instructor Stacy Smith asked the students to construct three-dimensional (geometric) shapes that could be pressure tested up to and hold 30 psi.

The projects yielded some impressive results, including a reproduction of the original Starship Enterprise, a horse, and a butterfly.

“The students this year have produced some extremely difficult and creative projects. However, the key part of the project is that every connection has to hold when the pressure test is done,” said Smith.

For more information on Trades and Apprenticeship programs at NLC, check the website at or call the College at 1-866-463-6652.

Starship Enterprise

James Dawe and Michael Bourgoin with the Starship Enterprise.


Cole Comeau, Travis Stevens and Calum Rounthwaite with their butterfly.


Teresa McNabb and Andrea Kurjata with their horse, complete with saddle.