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President’s First Blog

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The suggestion from a variety of staff members that the College’s website needs a “President’s Blog” has now evolved into a reality. As such I am happy to be posting a variety of topics that might be of interest to students, prospective students, our communities and to our staff. My hope is to provide some insight into various college initiatives or services that will serve as an additional source of general information. I welcome your feedback about the blogs, and also your suggestions regarding content or topics.

My very first comment is to acknowledge that Northern Lights College is situated on the traditional territory of many different First Nation people. We thank all of them for their hospitality and their welcome, and for their role in being a significant partner in education within our region. They bring a richness of culture and traditional knowledge to Northern Lights College as well as a long history of stewardship of the land and water in our region.

I have been at Northern Lights College for about seven months now and am finding it a very dynamic and comprehensive institution. I have had an opportunity to meet many of our students who come to Northern Lights, not only from our region, but from other parts of British Columbia, Canada, and from other international locations. This results in a very cosmopolitan and diverse compliment of students, faculty, and staff who not only can learn about their fields of study, but they can interact with other students and exchange ideas and understanding.

The programs at Northern Lights College are mostly focused towards employment related training, however we do have very comprehensive professional programs and university transfer programs as well. There are services available for our students including student residences. We have a highly trained and skilled faculty as well as very competent supporting staff members who are here to help you achieve your career ambitions successfully. We are all here to serve you.

Our part of British Columbia has aspects that are not available in other parts of the province, including dinosaur discoveries, volcanoes, majestic mountains, and very ancient settlements of Indigenous people. As only one example, the Tahltan community around Dease Lake is within our delivery area, and they have lived in that region for at least 10,000 years. They traded and prospered as, among other things, Obsidian miners that was needed for arrow heads throughout the Canadian and American prairie.

As my President’s Blog matures I will write about other aspects of our area, our College’s programs, and about the successes of our students, faculty and staff. I hope you enjoy reading it.