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Shell Canada entrance awards help support student success at Northern Lights College

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“The students were very thankful for the support,” said Donna Kane, executive director of the Northern Lights Foundation.

“Industry support like this is vital to our students’ success because they hear firsthand of what it’s like to build a career in the oil and gas field,” agreed Robert McAleney, association dean of Trades and Apprenticeships at the College. “It’s also great that Shell Canada invites the students out each year for lunch so that they can get to know their future practicum students on a personal basis.”

Presented by Shell Canada, each student received a $2,000 entrance award that was awarded based on an essay response outlining educational and career goals. During the pizza lunch, the Power Engineering and Oil and Gas Field Operations students were able to engage in an interactive dialogue with Shell personnel, and ask questions about the industry.

“Supporting students pursuing post-secondary training relevant to the oil and gas sector is really important to us,” said Bob Karch, Shell’s production superintendent. “These students will be the future of our industry and giving them a head start in the classroom and a view into the field, helps create a strong foundation for a safe, local workforce.”

The students will start their practicums as soon as in-class work is finished.

For more information on student award and grants, visit the Northern Lights College Foundation online.