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Students get hands-on training in latest health technology

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VICTORIA – British Columbia’s post-secondary institutions provide the province’s future health professionals with the hands-on experience they need to succeed in their chosen careers and provide the high-quality health care B.C. families deserve.

Now, thanks to a $5-million infusion from the Province, those students will continue to have access to the most cutting-edge health technology available.

Lab equipment must continually be updated to reflect what is being used currently in health-care facilities. This new investment will allow 22 post-secondary institutions around B.C. to refresh their labs by replacing and renewing health equipment so students can receive all the training they will need to provide safe and high-quality care to patients across the province.

Northern Lights College received $13,055. Funding has been allocated to each institution based on the institution’s size and number of health education programs.

Funding provided to northern and regional post-secondary institutions has the added benefit of ensuring that all B.C. students in health-care professions have the tools and training they need to succeed in the future.

B.C.’s post-secondary system is helping to provide faster, safer and better health care for individuals and families across British Columbia.