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Team NLC earns top score and more at Western Canadian Business Competition

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Team NLC had some of the best business sense at the Western Canadian Business Competition last weekend at Douglas College in Vancouver, beating out five other teams for one of the top awards.

Northern Lights College Business Management students Rebecca Christopher, Ramanpreet Kaur, Mohammad Asif Ekram, and Krisell Tullao, along with their coach and instructor, Issoufou Soumaila, made the trip for only the second time in NLC’s history.

The team earned the top score in the business simulation, which also happened to be the second highest score globally for that week.

“They really gave a lot of colleges a run for their money,” says Issoufou. “We don’t use the simulation program in our courses, so they had a month to get used to it and master it. They were really motivated and self-driven.”

The team was hand-picked by Issoufou, and while they had classes together, they didn’t really know each other before the competition. However, their camaraderie became apparent the more they worked together to learn the simulation software.

“We did a great job and our team as a whole had great chemistry between us, it was easy for us to work as a team,” says Rebecca. “We did a good job and gave a good competition for the other teams; we gave them a hard time.”

Having never done any sort of competition before, it was a new experience for all four of them,students, but they came out of it with more than just a sense of accomplishment.

“I think the greatest takeaway I had for this competition is the friendship that we built,” says Krisell. “Rebecca and I didn’t talk much in school before the competition, but now we’re good friends.”

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